Fleas n The Forest

It’s summertime, we have a long haired cat, and we also had the distinct ‘pleasure’ of hosting a dog for a while. This left us with a flea infestation which we’ve battled for a few weeks now. Me? I don’t mind ’em too much mostly cuz they don’t mind me. However, it always amazes me how much they seem to adore my hubby! He’ll start complaining he’s ‘covered’ with them, I look and see several of them jumping around on him. I look at myself and look and look and finally maybe I can say; “Oh look, there’s one.”

I don’t know why that is. Mosquitoes don’t seem to like me very much either. Go figure.

Anyway, we’ve sprayed, vacuumed, hubby even ran the Rug Doctor all over the house but no avail. Those little fuckers are a pain in the ass! The sole survivors of Armageddon is going to be the Flea and the Cock Roach. We even got special ultra-concentrated stuff that proclaims to ‘kill eggs and young fleas’. Don’t know why it doesn’t work on adult fleas.

Nothing really helped beyond a day or two. If you go into the room where Jerry stayed you can practically stand in the doorway and watch ’em jump around! Grrrrrrr.

Yesterday, Becca had to go to work. Hubby and I decided it was time to pull out the Big Guns and Bomb the House. We spent a good long while vacuuming, cleaning, putting away food/containers and washing the same, closing up windows. We propped up the chairs to the dining table and the couch cushions. We covered the TVs and monitors. I moved my plants outside for the day. We set off the bombs and we left for the day.

That’s the big problem with bombing the house; you have to find something to DO for 3 hours.

Meat was expensive and not plentiful at Stop & Shop this week. I mean the cases were way more than 1/2 empty and most of it was mislabeled. Yankee Pot Roasts bore stickers reading; Whole Clams-Wild Caught. Hamburger packs read; Salmon Heads.


We decided to use the new GPS (even though we didn’t have to) and go to Salem Prime Cuts for meat. First we’d spend some time wandering around Staples and then around Salem while the bombs fumigated the house. When The Economy was ‘good’ we used to go to Salem Prime Cuts a few times a year and lay in a good-sized meat order. They have the best meat around, all fresh, no pink slime, I’m pretty sure all packs of hamburger come from 1 cow or maybe 2…not 100.

We went to Staples and wandered around, I took pictures of color printers, monitors and ergo keyboards to send to my boss. They can decide what they want. I didn’t pick anything over $150.00…they just don’t need it. Just a nice basic color printer, most had a scanner built in and I’d like to get rid of the one on my desk since it interferes with the function of my existing printer.πŸ™‚

We drove out toward Salem, stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts on the Old Hartford Road for breakfast sandwiches and drinks. I got an iced tea, which I hardly ever do. They make it hot and pour it over ice. It was good. It wasn’t ‘iced tea’ it was tepid tea and hubby asked for more ice on my behalf. We wandered down the road with the new GPS, stopped at a rest area to eat and play with the new toy. It’s a lot of fun! It shows all kinds of cool things! Food, Gas, Lodging, Places of Interest. Very nice. As we thumbed through it we saw; Hopemead State Park.

Never heard of it.

It was only 4 miles down the road so we took off for it. We went past the 4 Corners and Gardner’s Lake, up these winding back roads then nearly into No Man’s Land. I kept saying; “That thing has to be wrong. There can’t possible be a State Park around here.” We’re in the boonies! We followed it and sure enough we came to a two-car parking lot; Hopemead State Park.

For those of you who live or have lived around here, it’s like Pequot Woods in Groton. A Nature Trail…more than anything else that is. Very nice. We walked down the path wondering why they made it a State Park and I said; “There must be water around here, probably Gardner’s Lake at the end.”

Hubby thought differently but, around here anyway, a place doesn’t normally get to be a State Park without some type of wetlands.

It was a beautiful day, just gorgeous. Bright blue sky, big yellow sun but not hot in the slightest and nearly no humidity. We just followed the path at out feet.

This is New England and Stone Walls are as common as quarters. But the path was lined with them, left and right, in boxes and rows. It didn’t look like a farm but it was clear someone, at some long ago point in time, went to great lengths to section off the land in strange ways.

Hubby and I discussed the possible meaning behind the multitude of stone walls as we walked. Dig a garden here, just a small one, and you’ll be pulling hunks of rock out of the Earth for years! They had to do something with them. I know, I get that. It still seems odd that someone would opt to build walls without any houses….no foundations were visible, so it didn’t seem to have been a settlement or neighborhood thought it was big enough.

We kept walking deeper into the woods with me telling him everything was all right because it was daylight and ‘Jason’ only comes out at night! Up ahead I saw a big expanse of blue, for a moment I told myself not to get excited, it could just be the sky through the trees but then hubby said; “I think I see water. Oh, there’ll be no living with her now.” (The latter in his best ‘Cap’n Jack Sparrow’ voice.)

Before we reached the lake we stumbled upon a very odd thing.

Kinda creepy. Hubby said it was a root cellar but…I don’t think so. Whatever it was, it’s now a hangout.

It’s pretty deep, you could fit several people in there with a modicum of comfort. Or one hell of a lot of veggies.

Access to Gardner’s Lake was not plentiful, it amounted to two…maybe three..paths ending in tiny outlets.

There was a small family there enjoying the ‘free’ ‘public access’ to Gardner’s Lake. I used to love going there when I was a kid, spent many happy hours in the sun on that beach gobbling down french fries and hot dogs. I don’t know what they charge to get in now but I can remember holding my hand up for my stamp that would let me come and go for the day.

Among other things, the tree reads; Dig Here. The tree seemed very well ‘loved’ by the locals and was full of interesting ‘information’. The next picture, that’s a fresh water muscle shell.

Then it was time to go back the way we came. On our way we passed another odd thing;

There’s three of them, if you look closely you’ll see the third hiding by the tree on the left.

Definitely a strange little place. But I’m glad we found it and without the GPS we never would have known it existed. I suspect we’ll be finding a lot more places like this once the bike is up and running again.πŸ˜‰

We meandered around and then went to Salem Prime Cuts to get our meat and then we stopped at PetCo for flea drops and kitty treats. Then it was off to home.

We set off 12 bombs. The place was still heavy with gas when we got back but it was past the allotted time. We opened the windows…except in the new Man Cave, that door is still closed! We gave Harry the treatment and a few treats. So far the house is ok. There are a few of the little suckers still hanging on but the poison in the rug should kill them off rather quickly.

I wrote the rest of the day. Yes, I did. Still fixing what we’ve already got to make it fit as smoothly as possible with the new idea. We wrote until nearly 8 o’clock! I was shocked when I looked at the time. It was good. In a few I’ll try to repeat the performance and push this thing a long.

Hubby has smoked a chicken and a pork shoulder. Nikki and Nate are supposed to come by for dinner. It looks like I have enough meat that I don’t have to worry about cooking anything until at least Wednesday! Woot! That should free up the time I normally spend on ‘what’s for dinner’ for writing.πŸ™‚

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  1. sounds like a grand day. should get Roy to slow smoked briquet over a few days, low slow with apple wood. nods.

    • The chicken and pork roast smoked ALL night and they still weren’t done. Finished them off very slowly in the oven until they fell apart. TASTY! He’s getting real good with that thing but…oh…it hurts my tummy! I love it but it doesn’t seem to love me😦

  2. I’ve been trying to decide whether to get a GPS or a smart phone that I could use to access GPS. Based on your experience, it sounds like I definitely need to get one or the other! I love your photos, and enjoyed going on a hike with you–virtually.

    • Hubby has a GPS on his iPhone and it’s…ok. We got one for $129.00+tax, with ‘free’ lifetime upgrades on maps from Garmin. I had no idea they were that inexpensive. It shows you places to eat–listed by food category, get gas, hotels/motels, amusements parks/attractions…You can even get food info by things you’ve seen on TV; Adam, Guy, Rachel….yum. Yep, it’s totally cool! I never thought I’d like one or even want one but it’s pretty darn awesome.

  3. I explored those trails a lot as a kid and never noticed those weird pipe looking things! Any idea what they are?

    I agree that the root cellar is more than what it seems. I’ve always said that. Right next door to that park is Laurel Lock Campground, where my family has camped for at least forty years. The kids who grew up in that campground all call it “the cave.” I love the spot on the water next to it, though. It’s really pretty!

    • I don’t have the slightest idea what they are but they look like some type of exhaust pipes. Weird. I was very glad that we stumbled upon the park thanks to our GPS, I’m hoping to get back up that way when the weather’s nice.

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