Just for the Record

Ever since I made these two posts; An Age Old Subject and Politically Incorrect with Aunty Moon I must get at least 25 people who hit this blog searching “Jenna Talackova”.


Oh here….maybe this will refresh your memory.

If you have suddenly had a vision of Big Bird singing a certain tune run through you head then I say; Good for you.

Any-hoo….just to set straight any possible misconceptions out there I’d like to state the following for the record:

So long as;
1-No children or animals are involved
2-All acts are consensual
3-No one gets hurt

I don’t really give a damn how anyone gets their rocks off or with whom or how they live their life–oh, ok, I do like it best if they’re productive and have a job/purpose/direction. That includes the person in question in this post.

My only point where Jenna is concerned, is not Jenna’s ‘sexual orientation’, it’s the fact that Jenna is now and forever a Surgically Enhanced/Altered Male. To say otherwise is to state a lie. Yes, I know Jenna’s birthplace changed Jenna’s birth certificate to allow for the new name and sex to appear as though it had always been there. Minus the changing of ‘sex’, the same was done with my birth certificate and pretty much every other adoptees’ birth certificate. This only for purposes of convenience it does not change the basic facts of the matters; my listed parents–though loved and cherished beyond words–did not give birth to me and Jenna was not born Jenna. So then, in my eyes, to allow Jenna to compete alongside females who are not surgically enhanced/altered males is not fair to the overwhelming majority of contestants. It may be politically correct but it is neither just nor right.

If Jenna–or any Surgically Enhanced/Altered Male/Female–feels a need to stack themselves up against others to see how they compare all I ask is they make it a fair competition by competing against other Surgically Enhanced/Altered Males/Females or those of the Natural Born variety who have undergone so much plastic surgery they are no longer recognizable as the person they once were in high school.

That’s all.

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  1. tell it sis. just like a she going to he should not compete mr universe or some such ilk.

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