Starting the Countdown

Is it too early? I dunno. But “Meet the Press” or something like that, informed me this morning that there are 100 days left until the newest round of Political Bullshit pulls into the station and rests for a while.

I’m not sure I’m gonna make it. What about you? You gonna make it? Seems every year the bullshit gets deeper and harder to wade through. Or maybe I’m just getting old, that could be it too. Or maybe it’s Facebook? Maybe. Yeah, let’s go with that. It’s Facebook’s fault. Works for me.

If it weren’t for Facebook I would not know all of the inner thoughts of my friends, some of whom seem to feel a need to post about “God” or politics seemingly every minute they’re awake. Facebook has taught me more about my friends than I ever wanted to know. Way more.🙂

One thing I notice is that most of my Facebook friends are a lot like me in the sense that they don’t post about “God” or politics hardly ever. I only pass those posts along when they’re particularly poignant or funny. If you’re a Facebook friend of mine and you think I post too much on those subjects you should see my feed! Holy cow! We all have the right to our opinions and to post them but some of it really turns my stomach and it is making the election process seem so much longer, drawn out, like there’s no frickin’ light at the end of this crappy tunnel. Yes, it seems our dear friend Andy Defresne still has a long way to go before he reaches the invigorating cleansing thunderstorm at the end of the shit pipe.

Yeah, I know, the Primaries haven’t even been held yet and I just wanna get this crap over with. Kinda sad, huh?

But what do I have to look forward to? Linda McMahon running…again. Other than to say I can’t wait to hot foot it down to the polls and vote for ANYONE ELSE I am not excited about this race.

My local referendum? Boring. More bickering. More bullshit. More “hooray for our side”. Yippie. At least maybe possibly hopefully at the end of it we’ll know if we have firefighters and a budget. Maybe.

The Presidential race? More yawns. I can’t get excited enough about it to actually raise the energy to bitch about Romney. If you loved Ronnie you’ll love Ronnie II…no wait, that’s ‘Romney, too’. Sorry. If you’re one of the lucky few that actually had something ‘trickle down’ to you, I’m sure he’s your guy. Barry? In my eyes, he hasn’t really been allowed to do much of anything so I can’t tell you if he’s a ‘good’ President or a ‘bad’ President, he seems stuck in limbo or something. Nice smile though. That’s about all I can say for sure about Barry. We won’t even know if “Obamacare” works or not for several years to come. We have to wait for number crunchers to do their thing on that one and get ‘public reaction’ once it’s all in place and running somewhere near smoothly. While I’m not all-in-favor of it, I do think it’s nice to see that the country may join the rest of Civilized Society by offering healthcare to its citizens. Places like Canada, Ireland, England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Japan, Portugal…just to name a few. Some of those systems have been in place for 40 years, so yes, it’s good to see some people in the country really are trying to push us fully into the 20th century.😉

I never got the big fuss over recognizing the basic fact that people need medical attention and it shouldn’t cost them an arm, a leg, or a house to get it. We already had ‘tax based financing of health care’ in the US….it’s called Medicare and I don’t see why that same courtesy should be reserved only for the elderly and not be given to every citizen of the country.

But, ya know, your mileage may vary.

On a lot of levels, I feel sorry for Barry. I imagine there’s nothing quite like working your ass off to get a particular job and then, once hired, find that ‘management’ cock blocks you at every turn so badly that you’re unable to do the job you were hired for and wanted so badly. but, in the end, that’s our fault, it is. Every time the country elects a President from Party X and a Congress made up mostly of people from Party Y….nothing gets done for 4 years. It’s all at a stand-still and we’re the ones caught in the middle of a bunch yelling screaming banshees that don’t give a damn about us.

Whomever gets elected to the country’s highest office, I hope they’re from Party X and the new Congress is also made up of members mostly from Party X so something…damn near anything at this point…can get done!

Oh, ok, not ‘anything’. I’m not interested in having my “Female Rights” trampled upon. I’m not interested in seeing inequity continue under the misguided guise of religion. I’m not interested in being called ‘weak’ or a ‘leech’ because I get a refund from the IRS when Exxon-Mobile gets a refund 1000x bigger and makes 10,000x more money than we did! I’m the ‘leech’? Really? Yeah…right. I’m not interested in continuing tax breaks for corporations that export American jobs overseas. Doubly so for those that do that and then want to claim they’re still “an American company” therefore they shouldn’t have to pay tariffs/excise taxes to get their product into the country. Hello! It was MADE IN CHINA….tax that fucker! I’m not interested in continuing this idiotic practice of having items for the American Military made overseas. That seems stupid to me. Every fan of “Armaggedon” our there say it with me now;

“Russian parts! American parts! All made in Taiwan!”

It would seem to me that if the government really wanted Americans to work they wouldn’t have taken those jobs away from us in the first place. I also think that when it comes to any country’s defense the best policy is that those items/parts/weapons/accessories be made in the country they are going to be defending. Letting your arch-enemy make your defensive equipment doesn’t seem like an intelligent move to me. I don’t think Sun Tzu would approve. What about you?

I’m not interested in seeing “illegal aliens” continue to be treated as though they’re sub-human or something. As far as anyone can tell, my own grand father was an “illegal alien” from the time he set foot on American shores at the age of 14. No, he didn’t ‘send money home’ thereby taking away from the American Economy. What about “Juan” who does manage to eek out 50 extra bucks a week and send it home to “mom”? How is worse than the Wall Street Exec/CEO/other mucky-muck who stashes away thousands of dollars a week in a Swiss or Cayman Island bank account? That money ain’t never coming back to the US, don’t think it is. The INTEREST on that money might ‘trickle back’ but the PRINCIPLE will stay right where it is getting fat and not being fairly taxed. So I’m not interested in seeing that practice continue either.

I’m not some extremist who wants to steal from the rich and give to the poor (or those who supposedly won’t work). What I want to do is reclaim the money the rich stole from the middle class then hoarded like an Extreme Couponer. I don’t think it’s stealing when what you’re actually doing is taking back something that rightly belonged to you in the first place. If that money was here in an American bank account the American Economy would be a tad bit stronger. Ronnie stole from the poor and gave to the rich, I just want to see that injustice undone. That’s all.

Yeah, I know….

Keep dreamin’, Moonie!

I know. I know.

Oh well…100 days to go! Right now it seems like Forever but maybe we’ll make it.

Maybe we’ll finally feel like this

“Andy crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling foulness I can’t even imagine, or maybe I just don’t want to. Five hundred yards… that’s the length of five football fields, just shy of half a mile. Andy Dufresne, who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side. Andy Dufresne, headed for the Pacific.”

In our own ways, we are all Andy Dufresne, all of us are in some sort of prison–usually one of our own making–we deserve at least a rock hammer and a poster so we can take our own shots at freedom, at liberty, and justice.
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  1. Karen Garcia

    Lisa Beth, you are my new hero.

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