TWL-I Hate It When the Voices are Late

I hope someone…anyone…out there actually enjoys “Child of War-Rising Son”…whenever it’s done and wherever the fuck it’s going!

At this point in time, I have little to no idea what it even says any longer or if it makes much sense.


I hate backtracking. I hate having to add important aspects in AFTER other events. Mostly I just can’t stand it when a character…completely unknown to most…just steps up and wants to take the hell over.

This was supposed to be Apollo’s big story. He was supposed to be the Bad Guy, along with Zeus of course and things were going well though they were stumbling and seemed lacking a bit. Then we had that ‘new and interesting idea’.

That…What If Moment

After much time being stuck in the mud His Majesty got his way and I went back and changed this and fixed that to suit the new idea. The new idea wasn’t supposed to snowball into a big idea it was just supposed to be a warm up. I got all of the little things fixed except one. The one I knew would turn this into something ‘interesting’ into something ‘big’. I’ve been dragging my feet over it for weeks.

Bad Writer!

Oh shut. Nobody asked you.

So we have to fix the big Family Dinner leading up to the Bacchanalia and Aphrodite has to take a backseat…well maybe not, we’ll see. Anyway, she has to give up giving Raven that juicy gift so someone else can give it to him. This works much better…maybe, I hope, whothefuckknows?…than what we had but it’s a pain and it will lead to adding at least one more chapter and then changing a few more things in the Underworld. Hopefully, after that…we can GO FORWARD!

I hate feeling like we’re stuck in the mud just slamming the pedal to the metal, shifting gears like a crazy person and spinning tire like mad. It makes me want to give up. Most days I want to open the file and then a little voice says; Oh, no, not that shit again. Let’s just watch Maury. Blondie might be on after him.

Blondie has grown on me considerably especially for a blonde guy. Not my usual cup of tea.

If Morpheus had just piped up sooner, say, as we were beginning the story and had it ALL LAID OUT and if he said; “Oh, by the way, I’d like to be a real character in this one…maybe even the bad guy.”

We would have been able to work with it a little better.

I have the sneaking suspicion that this is still the warm up and when Apollo finally shows his true colors it will be even bigger than originally intended. Which will hopefully make killing….well….killing someone important… all the more forceful.

I suppose there’s that hope to cling to. That flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

I had intended to actually end the world with a huge nuclear bang but it looks like we’re sticking with the “Whimper Theory” and working in Master King. Yeah, you know it, our own little version of Captain Tripps has been silently unleashed upon the beleaguered population. Whether Raven intended that or not we don’t know yet. Although I have the feeling even if he didn’t, Apollo did.

Interesting things abound I just wish they were moving in a forward direction.

Patience was never your strong suit.

Harumph! 1-I am way more patient than you and 2-if you do think I’m impatient…where do you suppose I might have gotten that from?


Yeah…dat’s right.🙂

I suppose we’ll keeping plodding along trying to find the stepping stones as we backtrack. Always a joy.

I have two volunteers lined up to read this thing and let me know if makes the tiniest bit of sense but I’d like to have a few more. So UNDER THREAT OF PENALTY OF PUNISHMENT FROM THE BIG GUY I’m looking for a few trusted and KNOWN souls with time to kill who’d like to take a shot at reading this mess and giving their comments/opinions/feedback. If you are confident that you fit that description drop me an email and let me know of your interest.

Ok back to the freaking Bacchanalia so Morpheus can have the distinction of giving Raven Jilios. Then forward to fix a few comments and maybe….we could follow this crappy trail of wet slippery stones to green pastures? Please.


Pretty please.


With me on top.

Oh well, since you put it that way. What are you waiting for?


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  1. That was another excellent post today. You make it look so easy. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Have a wonderful day!

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    Writers Wanted

  2. so i guess i have a bit more time reading up😉 rather curious as to how things will turn out now .

    • Me too! LOL

      Yeah, it’s changed drastically from what I sent you a while ago. After I finish the Bacchanalia I may send that much to you and Freddie. I know there will be some sprucing up to do in a few places to make it all match up, when I get up to the present I’ll send the rest. Sound good?

  3. Was I one of the two? If not, I’d love to.🙂

  4. I’m actually tingling, lol. I know this book can go so many ways and there’s going to be so many ups and downs and jaw droppers. Thats why we love your books🙂

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