The Bike Project-1

Well, the new engine showed up on Monday. Hubby is a happy but grumpy boy. It’s a good kind of grumpy, don’t worry. It’s a big job ahead of him and he spent yesterday getting the old engine out of the bike only to have the damn thing tip over at the last second and put some pretty major cosmetic gouges/rips/cracks in the fiberglass faring. Ooops.

And then there’s the ‘incidentals’ that go along with this. He seems to have forgotten about them but I did not. Things like; grease, oil, touch up paint, now real paint…gonna NEED a paint job now🙂, handles–those busted, a few hoses…blah blah blah.

Any-hoo, for those of you who are new or don’t remember I spent a few hours scouring my computer for pics of the bike and came up with these.

There’s my hubby. Don’t he look so happy?

As far as anyone can tell, these next shots were taken the LAST DAY the bike actually RAN. October 24, 2088!

What a hambone! Geez, man, look at that garage and that yard! What a freakin’ mess! Glad that’s over with.🙂

So that’s what she used to look like. Yesterday morning she looked like this

There’s the old engine.

By yesterday afternoon she looked like this

Oooo! She’s nekkid!

That’s ok, this is waiting on the sidelines to fix that problem

Nice, huh?

Yeah, ok it’s an engine….it’s as nice as it can be without going this far

No, you’re not seeing double. There’s a mirror in the inner hood and YES it IS that CLEAN! Wow!

But you know what they say about bikes and cars….

So once the engine is in and she’s running the rest is just aesthetics except for the broken handles and hoses, of course. That’s what I keep tellin’ hubby just keep focused on getting her started and we’ll worry about the rest later.

I’ll post more pics when he’s got the new engine in, I think he’s going to rope our son in-law into helping with that this evening when they come for dinner. LOL

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  1. Lovetiggi's Book Reviews

    Working on anything mechanical, other than computers for me is … well… so NOT happening.. LOL Nice bike!!

  2. wow, in time machine to 2088 did you write down any lotto numbers or power ball? we need to hit big so can have lives and become international beings of intrigue and fun.

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