Happy Hump Day

I’ve already ‘celebrated’ the day…have you? If not, don’t worry…day ain’t over yet!🙂

Yesterday was busy, huh? Geez, and that wasn’t half of it. Yeah, my freakin’ modem finally up and died! It’s been fritzin’ out for months but yesterday it decided it had enough. I called the cable company to discover I was 39th in line. I had them call me back.🙂 They argued with me over my modem being ‘user owned’ which, by now it sure should be, but no, this is the same modem I got from them 5-7 years ago. I was told they must have ‘lost the paperwork’.


Oh well, they finally decided they would send someone out to look at it and they gave me an appointment for midnight! Yes, midnight! WTF? I don’t really think the Cable Guy is on the road for house calls at midnight. I said that was a little late. They said they’d set me up with one of those All-Day Appointments for today.

I didn’t want to take a day off from work to wait around for the Cable Guy who might decide the ‘lost paperwork’ meant I had to pay for the service call. I’ve only been on the job a month and a half I’m not ready to call in and for something yet. I thanked him very much and then called my hubby to tell him to pick up a new modem at Best Buy on his way home. He did, it was only $56.00 which was nice it fit into our meager budget well. He hooked it up and all of the lights are a nice steady green.

Then I had to call the Cable Company back and tell them I have a new modem so they can ‘unlock’ me. Everybody and his brother’s gotta know what you’re up to these days. So I called and I was 45th in line! I asked for a call back and waited and waited. I called again and was told I would be 49th in line. I waited for the call back and finally called again. That time I decided I was ‘adding service’ instead of ‘having technical problems’. WOW! I was 2nd in line! Strange, huh?

I’m back up and running now. Making the Word of the Day post yesterday from my phone was no easy feat. I’ve never used the Word Press App before so it was an interesting learning experience. So was using the dictionary! hahahaha Yep, no Internet meant no online dictionary. I had to remember where I put my two huge honkin’ dictionaries and as I pulled out the more recent one thought to myself; Do you even remember how to use this?

But yep I remembered all right. Doin’ it “Old School” still works just fine. So here I sat, ten pound dictionary on my lab, phone in my palms, thumbs wandering around the keyboard. I almost felt like I was back in Jr. High for a little while. I know, I know, I should have used the quiet time to write, hubby reminded me of that fact and so did the Big Guy but I had a bit of bug up my ass and when that happens the Ares in me gets its back up and won’t cool down until the challenge has been met or at least blogged about and ranted over.😉

Hoping to actually get some writing done today. I’ve got a few idears on the new chapter that has to be inserted, kinda cool could work well. We’ll run with it and see how far we get.

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