Motorcycle Gallery & A Guilty Pleasure

I know I said I was off for the night yesterday but…you know me…I can never let anything rest until it’s done! LOL

Besides, there wasn’t that much more to do with it, I just needed a little break. So I went back and polished it up all nice and pretty. Check it out Motorcycle & Bikers Gallery. I think it came out nice. I want to make a few more pictures available in full size for free but I’ll get to that over the weekend.

After I finished that up, hubby and I wandered upstairs. Wednesday sucks for TV. We surfed and finally came upon

Oh Gods! I love this movie! hahaha….I’m so old. LOL As you can see my deep affection for tall/dark/handsome/well-built men really does go back quite a ways. Blondes stand little chance with me. This is one of my favorite guilty pleasures and, yes, I do know every single word to “East Bound and Down” so I happily sang along. Buford T. Justice is a great character, I loved Jackie Gleason. To this day, hubby and I quote the character often; “There’s no way…I mean noooooo way….you is da fruit of my loins.” One of my favorite lines and, yes, the rest of it too; “When we get home, I’m gonna punch your momma right in da mouth.”

I know, sounds awful doesn’t it? Terrible. But it’s hilarious. And they smoke in the movie…cigarettes! Imagine that. Seat belt? They didn’t even know what it was for back then. Hell, it may have still been an ‘option’ or, ya know, a mild suggestion. Those were the days when you could still ride the in ‘wayback’ of a station wagon or in the open bed of a truck.

Hey man, ya gotta admit it’s still an awesome car! It beats the pants off the General Lee. Bandit is way cooler than Bo and Luke Duke could ever dream of being…hotter too.

I certainly wouldn’t turn it down🙂

We curled up, had a few laughs–most of the; “Holy shit, would you look at those cars? Those clothes? Those GAS prices?” LOL And we some snuggles. It was a good night. I found myself lamenting the loss of characters like Buford T. Justice and Archie Bunker and George Jefferson. Characters that sort of held up a mirror to society in a very funny manner. Yeah, made me a little nostalgic. The older I get the more I long for ‘simpler times’.

But you can’t go back, you can only go forward, taking the lessons of the past with you so you can make a better now and a better future. (Ooooo…..preachy or philosophical? You decide.)

Now it’s time for dinner; breaded pork chops sautĂ©ed in olive oil, sautĂ©ed onions/peppers/garlic, corn on the cob, fresh bread and mac & cheese. Yum!

Good night! Tomorrow more writing and then there’s a whole weekend of it ahead of me. Let’s hope we come up with something really good.

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