The Web Mistress is In

I love what I do. Truly, I adore it. I just wish I could get paid serious buck for doing it…LOL! but, like writing and all of my arts, being a Web Mistress is a soulful labor of love. I couldn’t ask for a better way to be able to express myself, on all levels–serious, silly, stupid, inner and outer–than doing this these last…decades. (ouch, that hurt.)

I finally gathered my nerve and removed the ‘old site’ from the one everybody can see. I FTP’d in, clicked the hidden folder, clicked ‘download’ and then waited while it counted up 1,376 files! ROFL. Yeah, the download took a while but now I have a nice record, a history, my history, of my time on the Internet. “Danny” and “Calla” will never be forgotten they’re just sitting in storage, that’s all. I could have deleted the folder from my FTP program but I wanted to SEE it happen. So I signed in to the back-end, checked the folder, looked at the storage; you are using 52% of your allotted storage space. Clicked ‘delete’…waited a while, looked at the storage; you are using 39% of your allotted storage space. hahahahahaha OK, yeah, so that was a massive help space wise! Then I went through the old Photography Gallery files, compared them with what I had, went back to DeviantArt (I’m still making sure I’ve gotten everything off these before I dump it) then deleted that whole thing. The storage meter read; you are using 26% of your allotted storage space.

That gave me lots of room….tons! I went back to the Motorcycles & Bikers Gallery added more photos. I went and I dug and dug until I found some that I really loved. You should see the year on some of them! OMG! Some are actual film and a few others are digital but the ones I really love were in 35mm. I made it so they’re all in a very good size when downloaded. I was able to make some of my favorites available for FREE download in full size. Oh it’s looking sweet! I fixed the page and it all flows nicely now. I know, I need a new banner…”Adult Novels” doesn’t fit in the Photography Gallery but it’ll do for now. There’s 49 pictures in there now.

Then I went and added in my By the Sea Gallery and was able to pick out 27 lovely shots and make quite a few of them available in full-size download. Very nice. Again, a lot of them are actually 35mm. I seem to be able to SEE what I HEAR in them…you know…it’s the same difference between an LP and a CD. The film is ‘warm’, I can SEE it. The digital is ‘cold’, or maybe we should say ‘cooler’. Funny, huh?

Nah…I’m just getting old. That’s all.🙂

I took the photos off the Main Photography Gallery so just the two new galleries are showing up. I added “COMING SOON” for a few that are sitting on the back burner.

Don’t worry….yes, I wrote yesterday! Oh we had lovely long thunderstorm during which I got some of that comforting drool time and just wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. I’m hoping to pick that up again tomorrow. It was good stuff. Think I’ll indulge myself a little more often after work. The laptop’s not perfect for writing but I do enjoy the view so much.😉

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