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I made up the new banner for the Photography Gallery. I didn’t want to spend a whole hell of a lot of time on it, I realize it’s not the most popular section of the site but with the new updates that may change. Especially now that the ever-lovin’ word ‘FREE’ appears so many times😉

Not the greatest but not too bad. Probably should made have our blue moon and fiddler smaller but I love that combination. Duh. That’s why it’s on every book! LOL Oh well, it’s better than the books banner anyway since there are no adult novels in the Photography Gallery. I’ll work on putting more galleries together later but today is for writing after this post.

Back to the start again…I hate that. But putting in a few more interesting tid-bits to make it livelier or something like that. We’re trying to actually establish the relationship between Alena and Morpheus, I know it’s necessary it’s just a pain in the ass at this point. Hopefully, after this, we can do that chapter…it’ll probably be shorter now and have more punch, I guess that’s the point in this drudgery.😉

But first…have we all seen Romney’s running mate yet? Yes? Good. Terrified yet? Me too.

Here’s a little story for you. It’s time for me to renew my ID, the Great State of Connecticut sent me a notice and I was bewildered to find that, when I go to renew, I can opt for a ‘Verified’ version or a ‘Regular’ version.

Hummmmmm…..what’s this? The ‘Verified’ version–yeah, I’m rolling my eyes already! Isn’t the whole point of even having any ID that you’re identity has been ‘verified’ by the State/Federal Government/whatthehellever? Gee, I guess I was wrong. Let’s investigate further.

Oh, I see, a ‘Verified ID’ according to the Great State of Connecticut, “indicates your identification has been verified by DMV; acceptable for domestic air travel an other federal purposes”


Wait…to do this I must bring with me; Birth certificate, valid US passport or other primary document; proof of Social Security number, proof of any name changes including as a result of marriage or divorce as well as two forms of proof of current address.

WTF? I’m old, but my memory isn’t totally shot. I do believe that when I got my “Regular” ID I showed these people my; Birth certificate, Social Security Card, and two pieces of mail. So what’s the deal, man? Let’s face it, other than possibly the address the other information is never ever going to change. Once it’s logged into a computer you never have to ‘edit’ it. What’s wrong with my “Regular” ID? Why wasn’t I ‘verified’, as described above, when the Great State of Connecticut originally gave it to me? Why did I even bother doing that?

BTW, my current “regular” or “verified” ID…issued to me by the Great State of Connecticut…is insufficient for them to recognize as ‘proof of ID’ when renewing.

Oh, I have a headache now.

I showed this to my hubby who shrugged his shoulders and said; “So what? Just do it.”

Freakin’ commie bastard!!!!! That’s right, if I’m a ‘Socialist’ by today’s standards, then I’m gonna call that ‘Communism’…which one did the US hate more on that score?

I actually called him a “sheep”.

Ya know, it is still LEGAL to just walk away from your life in this country. It’s still LEGAL to NOT comply with showing any ID to any “authority” and letting them dig to find out who you are. I happen to like that and I’m not willing to give it up. If Romney and Ryan get in you better have your “Verified” ID hanging on a lanyard around your neck at all times. I’m sure there will be check points on every state border.

“Papers? May I see your Papers, please?”

There will definitely be one on every vagina in the country.

Here are my “Papers” on that one

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