Just Do It

Yep, go on, get up off your butt, leave for work 5 minutes early today and vote on your way in. Looks like turn out is going to be low…yet again…so it shouldn’t take too much time out of your day to go make your voice heard. Yes, I will also vote on my way into work this morning.

Despite my Love/Hate Affair with Kindle, I actually wrote yesterday. Woot! LOL No, still haven’t gone forward. Still carving out the relationship between Alena and Morpheus but it’s almost done. He’s not the Big Bad Guy I thought we might get out of him. In fact he hasn’t really done anything horrible or particularly ‘wrong’ he’s just lonely. So all of the juicy nasty stuff will still fall squarely in Apollo’s golden lap as originally planned.๐Ÿ™‚

Planning on writing more today I have the sneaking suspicion the dam is about to break big-time and that would be a very welcome experience. Every time that little voice in my head has told me to ‘ignore the file’ because ‘it sucks’ and ‘you’re no Stephen King, my dear’…I’ve been able to shut it down long enough to open the story and put my fingers on the keyboard. That’s 3/4 of the battle man, it really is. The more I push that voice aside the more I get done. We may pull this off on time yet. I know it must be fairly decent cuz when I’m done I’m hungry, horny, and tired. All three are definitely good signs.

In fact, had a rousing round last night and I have a hickey this morning. Right in the front where I can’t hide it. This should be interesting at work today. Let’s see if anyone notices…LOL. Then I slept and slept and slept. Hubby was kind enough to give me his side of the bed last night which is away from the AC so I didn’t freeze to death all night long AND he’s worn a nice divot in his side of the mattress. It’s perfect…for me! hahaha Nice little cradle to snooze away in. I love it. I sooo didn’t want to get up this morning. I just wanted to sleep and have more sex, then sleep some more and maybe some more sex. Too bad it’s not Saturday or Sunday…bummer. But no, gotta go to work, gotta go vote.

Then we’ll write some more. That chapter that has to be added in should end up fairly short now. Just a few more touches on a few more things and we should be able to get away with 5 pages or less on that score. That will be nice. Word count wise, we’ve returned to our original count even with all that we took out, changed, rearranged, and added in, we’re back to 160 pages and 88,000+ words. I guess we’re close to being back on track. Like I said, I feel the dam shaking, it’s getting weak, let’s hope that tidal wave busts straight through the thick concrete, blowing it to smithereens, soon. Maybe even today? That’d be cool. I could go for that.

First let us vote.

Secondly, let us be thankful for Canadians who shop at CostCo (Gods know I don’t shop there either). If you didn’t catch the segment on GMA it’s good for a chuckle. I’ll admit it’s nice to see my country’s bias and prejudices aren’t limited to our neighbors to the south. I was starting to wonder if it was a ‘brown skin’ problem. But no. It’s not. Seems we’re sticking to our basic tenants after all and spreading the hate around in equal amounts among anyone considered ‘alien’. I hate that term. I really do. Don’t you think we could go back to calling them ‘foreigners’? At least that way we’d still have the underlying feeling that they’re HUMAN and not that they’re all from another planet. BTW, ‘alien’ or ‘foreigner’ the more money anyone spends at CostCo or at any other store (not Wal-Mart) in the US the better it is for us. So, shop away O Canada…grab up all of the bulk paper towels you can carry, my friends. Go for it.๐Ÿ™‚
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  1. bwhahahaha don’t you just love those hickeys that are placed right in front where EVERYONE can see. Makes us love our hubbys even more. I would suggest some cover makeup. I know that use to work for me.

  2. LoL! Perfect plan

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