Kindle-They Got a Nice Racket Going

So I heard back from Kindle today. They told me that ‘several’ copies of “The Heart of War” had been sold in countries/territories outside the 70% royalty. That’s not sitting quite right with me since the invoice clearly states these sales were made on good ol’ Kindle USA. I asked for further clarification. I haven’t received it yet. I doubt I will get a satisfactory answer.

Any-hoo…if you’re an Indie Author on Kindle and you are not interested in getting ripped off I’ll give you the list of countries/territories that pay at the rate of 70% royalty on each sale. You may opt to remain available ‘worldwide’ I did not. As I said, I’m not interested in getting ripped off. Kindle didn’t reduce the price in any of those countries/territories, in fact, because of this inane clause they made double what they should have off each sale and I made 1/2 what I should have. See…it’s a rip off. I’m betting this crap does not happen to Random House or Doubleday or any place like that. So…if you actually want to make the 70% royalty only sign up for distribution in the following countries/territories:

San Marino
United Kingdom (including Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man)
United States
Vatican City

Pretty fuckin’ small list, huh? Not anywhere near the ‘worldwide’ distribution that’s available to the author and since you have to look so hard to find this information it’s also very deceptive. I took ALL of my books out of ‘worldwide’ distribution and placed them in the countries/territories above….please note that the “United States” only means the 50 states, it does NOT apply to US Territories, they pay at 35%. Cute, huh? Yeah, if you’d like to sell in some place such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Guam or the Philippines….35%! I say, if that’s the crappy case, they should let me double the price in those US Territories–without penalty– so I can get my 70%.

I’m not terribly greedy…or stupid…so I selected a few 35% countries; Greece, Australia, and New Zealand. I wasn’t interested in selling to Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Oman, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and such…most of those people are not supposed to read books like mine anyway, some religious restriction or something. To be fair, I also skipped Israel. Don’t wanna play favorites there. I certainly have no intention of even attempting to sell my works in Vatican City! Yeah…nah…I’ll pass. I do believe there may be certain religious restrictions there too…not that they’re followed and, I suppose, it could be interesting to see how many Cardinals and Mother Superiors enjoy my stuff😉

BTW, can anyone tell me where Reunion is? I never heard of it before.

Yep, being an Independent Kindle Author it’s kinda like being in bed with the Mob…or Wal-Mart…not much difference there anyway. And, unless you’re a Made Man or Sam Walton, it’s probably a crappy deal for you but not for them…oh no, not for them. They’re going to get their ounce of your flesh and then some. I guess the question is; how much of your flesh can you afford or are willing to lose?

Me? Certainly not more than 35%!

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