Round One

Yes, I did my Civic Duty yesterday on my way into work. I stopped at my local polling place to discover two things:

1-There is now a No Campaigning Zone around the polling places. WOOT! That mob could get pretty loud and nasty when you went to vote. I’m glad they’re gone. If you don’t know who you’re voting for before you get to the polls you should probably just turn around and go home anyway.

2-I was the only one there.

The only one.

I walked in. Walked up to the ‘booth’ and walked out. It took all of 30 seconds. Yeah, I guess voter turn out was exceedingly low.

In the end, for Connecticut’s Battle Royale’s we have:

For the Senate–Chris Murphy (D) vs. “Aunty” Linda McMahon (R)
For the 5th Congressional District–Elizabeth Esty (D) vs. Andrew Roraback (R)

I voted for Murphy. I wanted to for vote for Susan Bysiewicz but, as earlier stated, I didn’t think she could win the nomination and I was pretty positive she couldn’t beat Aunty Linda.

I’m not in the 5th District so I didn’t get to vote there but I can say I am over-the-top thrilled that Mark Greenberg (R) didn’t get his party’s nod. I am saddened that he got around 25% of the vote. His ads were kinda like the ads for “Indian Sky Loans”, the original ones with the freaky-scary Native American man. You know those? The one that pretty much said: Yes, it’s like borrowing from the Mob but what choice have you got? (They charged 116% interest!) Yeah, Greenberg reminded me of that guy and that institution to tell you the truth. So…very happy no one has to deal with him and his….ultra-neo-nazi conservative ways. (Yes, that was me being nice.)

Oh well, Round One is officially over….ding-ding-ding. Time to start getting geared up the Main Event.


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