I’ve been noticing something odd on my Facebook stream lately, at first I thought; Well, I must have ‘liked’ that page at some point.

But now I am unsure.

I honestly do not remember ever ‘liking’ “The Expendables II”. I didn’t like the first movie at all. In fact, if you look hard enough I’m pretty sure you can find my less-than-stellar review of that movie in this here blog somewhere.

I don’t recall ‘liking’ “Stargate”. I probably should have at some point but, to tell the truth, I can’t recall ever even looking for them on FaceBook. I did ‘like’ Michael Shank’s FB fan page, I recall doing that.

I’m pretty damn sure that I did NOT ‘like’ freakin’ WAL-MART at any time! (Oh yeah, ran right over there and ‘unliked’ it ASAP)

I don’t recall ‘liking’ Exxon, Chevron, or Shell.

What the hell???


What is happening to me?

Maybe it’s just a fluke

But I don’t think I ‘liked’ DotNetNuke

Is FaceBook ‘liking’ things on my behalf? If so, why didn’t they ask me to send them a list of companies I actually do like? I probably wouldn’t mind that; I send ’em a list, they ‘like’ the pages for me so I don’t have to. LOL

Is this happening to you? Is strange stuff popping up in your feed?

I spent a lot of time ‘unliking’ things this morning and I got my fix of funny pics

Here’s today’s Pic of the Day

Yes, art in “The” New London. Oh my. I’m not saying that Jack Kavanagh isn’t an ‘artist’ or isn’t ‘talented’….we all know those two things are extremely subjective and reside in the soul of the ‘artist’ only to be seen by the ‘eye of the beholder’. But…c’mon. Really? This gets a show? And gets touted by the Customs House? Oh man…I have got to get out more often! If that kinda stuff can get a show I don’t see my photos can’t do the same. Of course I’d have to try first, ask around, and well, look at the pic, do you want to have a conversation with “The” New London Art Community?

I’ll probably pass.

However, I thought that picture summed up my little New England city just fine; a bunch of badly dressed up clowns parading around thinking their shit doesn’t stink, striking poses, while the whole town goes down the Thames River. Yep. Yep. Yep.

Welcome to “The” New London, all right. Have a F’d Up Day! Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on FaceBook, even if you don’t really ‘like’ us, didn’t mean to, or never even heard of us.

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