Playin’ Catch Up

First things first….does anyone out there know if they still make this?

Yeah, I know, some of you are going; What the hell is that? But others of you are going; Holy shit! Where did she find THAT?🙂

If you can’t figure out the puzzle it reads: I’m Bone Dry. It comes from a 40 oz bottle of Haffenreffer or, as we used to affectionately refer to it, The Green Monster. It was the perfect beer for playing endless rounds of Quarters. It was good. It was cheap. It came in a huge bottle. So if you know where I can get one drop me a line I’d really like to have one tonight.

Here’s a little story for ya; I have deer in the yard, you know that. Often times I sneak out with my camera to photograph them but I never get a good shot. They’re either way too grainy or fuzzy or dark. The other night I looked out the bedroom window saw 4-5 deer in the yard, snuck down stairs, grabbed the camera and went out on the deck. They stood there staring at me while I snapped 18 shots. These are the two that came out

ALL the rest came out along these lines

Kinda creepy, huh? I guess Mother just does not want me to photograph Her deer.

I solved the printer problem today! Woot! I was so frustrated with that damn thing I really was ready to chuck it right out the window. As I picked it up with an eye to doing just that, I thought I’d see if anything was stuck in the printer tray (shouldn’t be, I’ve hardly used the thing! LOL), the printer tray fell out. Yep, just fell right the hell out and I thought; Hummm…is that supposed to happen?🙂 I didn’t see anything obstructing it and, holding it on it’s back, I slid the tray back in. It fell back in…way farther than it had been sliding in before. Hummmm….let’s see…..

I settled it on the desk, stuck the paper in carefully without pulling out the tray and whatdayaknow? It worked! Woot! Cool beans. That was driving me crazy. The thing is brand new!

Considering my long and hectic work days yesterday and today I thought, since hubby’s going out to a gig tonight, if I could get my hands on one of those Green Monsters I might just take it upstairs with the laptop and

write away for the night unhindered, unfettered, and just see how far we can fly through The Zone before we exhaust ourselves.

So…anyone know where to get one?

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