The Bike Project-2

Well, today was hubby’s Red Letter Day! Check it out….

Our son in-law, Nate, stopped by to lend a hand getting the new engine into the frame. I wasn’t even going to try lifting it. I’ll roadie all hubby wants, haul and lift heavy sound equipment but a 500lb engine? I don’t think so🙂

It’s all set to go in

I told ya it looked heavy!

Yep, still looks heavy

Heavy and stubborn! Awwww….just shove it in there. Men! LOL

WHOOOP! Almost! Getting there!

Get outta the way, Pooh-Bah! Figures, they called me away from my web work to come help them but I was in the wrong place. Can you find me in these next shots?

No? LOL I’m there, look harder. I’m sliding shims under the engine to raise it up and….

WOOT! It fits!

I love to see him so happy!

Well, it’s in. Got a new pipe on order, the other was completely rusted. Do you know there’s only ONE pipe made to fit that bike anymore? LOL Nickle plated too…oooo shiny.

Soon it will roar to life once more and we’ll go shooting down the road at 100+mph. Been a long while since we did that. I do miss it. I wonder if I’m too old to swing my leg up over that seat anymore! hahaha Guess we’ll find out.

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  1. as much as you sling leg over yer hubby i bet ya do it no problem. now to hold that straddle for long time may be the test.

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