Big Day Today

So big…I don’t even know where to start!

I guess we should be respectful and start with the day’s passings and there were several of them. They say these things come in 3s so let’s hope #4 isn’t around the corner.

1-RIP Tony Scott. Oh I’ll miss him! If you don’t his name, I’ll bet you know his flicks. He was the Producer/Executive Producer and/or Director of my some of favorite movies. Although he has 24 Director credits and 40 Producer/Executive Producer credits to his name, I’m gonna give ya my Top 5 All-Time Favorite Tony Scott Movies:
1-Man on Fire
2-Deja Vu
4-Crimson Tide
5-Taking of Pelham 123(ooooo anybody seeing another theme here? hehehe)

But I do have to add a 6th just as an Honorable Mention cuz it’s a guilty pleasure of mine:
6-The Hunger It’s pretty much the last vampire movie I ever watched AND enjoyed. Yep. After that….all right the fuck down hill for vampires. Sparkles and all.

He also directed “The Last Boy Scout” (a goodie!), “Day of Thunder” (eh, ok) “Enemy of the State” (a goodie!), “Top Gun” (freakin’ classic!) and “Beverly Hills Cop II) (also a goodie)

Tony Scott may not have been quite as well known as his brother, Ridley Scott, but I don’t think that matters. I’ll stack that list up against “Alien”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Blade Runner” and “Gladiator” any day of the week. (Oh yeah, I only like “Alien” as far as I’m concerned…the rest is pure crap, yes, even “Blade Runner” although Rutger was incredibly sexy! Well, ya know, for a blonde😉 )

Tony Scott committed suicide today, that always makes me shiver. I know things get crappy, they get rough, tough, and it seems like there’s no way out. But you’ll never know if you can find your way out of the mess if you’re not here to try. Read more here…or just Google it… Clues Sought in British Filmmaker’s Suicide

2-RIP Phyllis Diller. Oh man did she used to make me laugh! She was the original Lisa Lampanelli only Phyllis was better at it. She was 95 years-old when she passed away with 77 film credits to her name. She was ‘introduced’ in “Splendor in the Grass” not a bad way to start a very illustrious career!

3-RIP Scott McKenzie…don’t know his name? How about this?

Ahhhhh….one of this old hippie’s favorite tunes. He was 73 and passed after a long bout of (“House” fans I’m not kidding here) Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Ya know, all of that is almost the GOOD NEWS of the day. Cuz it seems some of our Elected Officials never took Health Class and they damn sure didn’t PASS Biology 101 or Anatomy 101. I highly suggest you watch the video because not even I can make this shit up.

Thanks Missouri! Remind the Civilized People of this Nation to KICK YOUR ASS the next time we see ya, would ya, huh? Thanks, doll.

I’m tellin’ ya, if Team White Bread gets in, you can kiss all of your “Female Rights” good-fuckin-bye. You can kiss Civil Rights good-fuckin-bye too. Us women, we’ll all be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen (no doubt that’s the way “God” intended it) and as for Gays, Blacks, Latinos…ahh…who gives a shit? Nobody wanted them around anyway.


Assholes. There’s no nice way to put it; the guy is one big smelly hairy asshole and he’s dumber than a stump to boot.

BUT, on the ‘up side’, if there actually ARE any intelligent life forms left here in the USA maybe now they can see just how dangerous these people are. I mean dangerous. I’m not kidding. I treat these people as I would any other fanatic, zealot, or terrorist. You should too. THESE are the people who make me want to get a gun (yes, and bullets too!). Not robbers, thieves, or even the Bogeyman…these guys/gals. Especially the gals, oh you have no idea how much I’d just like to go hunting on that score. None. It’s one thing to take ignorant bullshit from a guy but when a woman back’s ’em up on an issue like that…just fuckin’ shoot her. No explanation. No warning. No trial. No jury. Nada. Just; “It was nice knowin’ ya, dumbass.” POP. At least that way we’ll be able to keep their “men” from breeding. Hey! They might just have to “turn gay” to get their nuts fondled so…there’s a good thing.

I swear, all things being the same and equal…IF it was MEN who got pregnant–if MEN had to go through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and THEN stuck around for 18 years for the cooking/cleaning/washing/teaching/school meetings plays conferences/chauffeur to sporting events/dates and all of that just ALL that having and raising a child entails…if MEN had to ACTUALLY DO IT…. they’d be GIVING away birth control on the neighborhood ice cream truck!

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  1. Everytime my family drives through Missouri, heading to my sisters, we always say you can see the IQ dropping with each mile. Akin must be on the farthest side of the state that we haven’t seen yet. How is he on the House Committee of Science, Space and Tech! He should be removed since science obviously isn’t something he has any clue about.

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