He’s Sorry

Yeah, you bet your ass Todd Akin is sorry now. He got on the TV and apologized.

Ok, it’s kind of a sucky apology but it is what it is. He’s not getting any ‘forgiveness’ from me, I’ll tell ya that much. Not after this:

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin said. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

I can’t find the quote now but GMA informed me that he actually said something along the lines of; He once heard/read somewhere (a medical source supposedly) that was the case. Hummmm….what was it? The Materia Medica printed in 1875?

Is this guy is on the Space & Technology Committee? Really? How the hell did THAT happen? (though it does explain much regarding our seriously lagging behind other countries in those departments!) Gee, I thought New London sucked in the education department but it looks like we ain’t got nuttin’ on Missouri.

I just love the above quote: “shut that whole thing down”. Another man who can’t say ‘vagina’.🙂 Just “that whole thing”. That’s how much respect he has for women in general. No, I don’t believe he has any empathy or understanding for/of the rape victim. In fact, I think, if one of his own daughters came home crying and said she’d been raped he’d scrutinize her outfit then carefully, ask her what she thought she might have done to “deserve” it. Then probably ask: “Well, did he buy you dinner first?” We all know that a McDouble off the Mickey D’s Dollar Menu is the highest form of ‘social contract’ so if he bought you one then; what did you expect?

Of course, if you did sleep with your date because of the McDouble you’d be a ‘slut’ but…who cares?

Are we going backwards here or what? I hate that whole ‘Boys will be Boys’ attitude. Worse than that, I despise the whole ‘We Should Let Boys be Boys’ attitude.

After all….

Ya know, I gotta say, it’s getting to the point where I am having a hard time seeing the major differences between this version of Christianity and the more militaristic version of Islam. Nope, not seeing it, that line is getting pretty damn blurry. Next thing you know people like Akin will be saying, nonchalantly, things like; “Well, why don’t we just have her marry him? That way we can restore honor to the so-called rapist’s family and everyone will be happy.”

Everyone except the victim, of course. No one cares about her anyway, she’s just a stupid woman who must be told what’s good for her, what she should think, and the things she needs to do for her man. All “according to God”…of course.

I love the BS about “why should the baby suffer because of what it’s father did?”

Gimme a break. 1-that’s NOT a “father”, at best it’s a “sire”
2-why should the woman continue to suffer because of his actions? Akin and his ilk don’t seem to give a hoot about that. Their best answer is to give the child up for adoption. Oh yeah, that’s peachy. They talk about it as though you’re just wasting 9 months of your life, sitting by doing nothing, and then when the baby comes they treat it like it’s a commodity. As though it’s no more difficult and should have no more impact than giving your neighbor a loaf of bread.

It’s pretty much every adult adoptee’s nightmare to find out they are a product of rape. Ask me, I know. We all get told the fairy tale of how they ‘loved you so much’ but they ‘just couldn’t care for you properly’ so they ‘gave you up’. When we grow up and learn the Facts of Life (something Mr. Akin could use a serious refresher course on!) we all wonder if that was the truth or not. Maybe we weren’t ‘wanted’ or ‘loved’ maybe we were hated and couldn’t wait to be gotten rid of.

Then, naturally, Mr. Akin pretty much goes on to dismiss everything by changing the subject to the economy.

Nice, huh?

Mr. Akin there is NO such thing as ‘legitimate rape’. Poor word choice my ass! Maybe what he meant to say ‘in cases where a woman was legitimately raped’. Doesn’t really matter because either way what he’s saying you, Lady USA, that you’re a liar most of the time, you don’t know your own mind, you don’t know what you want, you don’t know what you don’t want. You should NOT be believed right off the bat, maybe not even with medical evidence to back up your statement. After all, you’re just a hysterical hormonal woman…what do you know? Nothing. In fact, no doubt, you were actually asking for it. You just didn’t know you really wanted it until he gave it to you. OR you said you wanted it then changed your mind…can’t do that!…so he took it and next time you’ll know better.

Yes, Missouri! KNOW BETTER next time! Don’t re-elect this asshole the country does NOT need more people like him in office. We have enough dicks already.

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  1. heres the video of Todd Akin saying word for word: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdisTOKom5I

    • I posted that vid yesterday but there was another one today where he, again, said something along the lines of some ‘doctor’ having him told that. That’s one doctor NO ONE should EVER go to!

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