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I found the following on Todd Akin’s Facebook Page

He has a whopping 3,962 signatures as of this writing. Which is WAY short of the petition I signed earlier in the week is coming up to 250,000. He’s got a ways to go but he’s working on it.

Yes, I would like it if you would please tell the following nasty elitist liberals exactly how you feel about this issue.

Wow, those freakin’ liberals are horrible, huh?

Again, it’s a cold day in hell….this is only the second time in my life I’ve had to swallow my pride, step up, and say: “I agree with Rush Limbaugh!”


What gets me is Akin’s hubris. Pretty much his entire party is calling for him to drop out of the race–or at least not go to the GOP’s upcoming party– but he thinks he knows better and is ignoring them. WTF? Ok. Whatever. He does have a point; he was duly elected to be re-elected by his constituents and why should their voice go ‘unheard’ at this point? (Of course if he opened his mouth this way before the primaries things could be different but that’s neither here nor there, I guess.) As far as I can see this will absolutely ensure that his opponent, Claire McCaskill, will win the race. So that’s cool with me.

His refusal to drop out is just another example of how Narcissistic this guy is. He knows better than everybody…damnit. Especially where rape, pregnancy, and abortion are concerned. Yep, according to Todd Akin, Todd Akin is the Alpha and the Omega on the score. He, and obviously he alone, understands what a ‘legitimate rape’ is and only he can define a ‘forcible rape’. Sorta makes me wonder what his track record is there and just how he came about being in possession of such vast knowledge, do you think he’s buddies with Sandusky? Is that how he knows so much? Or is it something a touch more sinister?

Food for Thought.

Well, if nothing else, at least this year’s elections aren’t boring! A good deal of us are paying attention now!🙂

It’s almost making that whole Romney/Ryan Obama/Biden thing seem trivial.

Good job, Todd! Thank you for helping to ensure the Democrats will take over the House, the Senate, and the White House in November. They may not have been able to do it without you.

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