TWL-Still Forward

Even though we had to take a step back, this time I realize it’s actually a step forward. Had to go back and revisit Ares’ trip to the Mortal World. I didn’t like it very much the first time out…I hate Apocalyptic stuff to begin with, so it’s just no fun. At the end of this chapter is where the idea for the plague got tossed in and since we’re going with it, I thought we’d run back and make that the majority of the chapter. It’s ok, not too bad. It’s almost done. We’ve gone from Athens, all across Europe to Manhattan and then to Lodi, NJ. (Hi Karen! Hi Freddie! Do you remember, Lodi, Poppa?)

I spent yesterday afternoon looking at maps of NYC to plot our course and sure enough, I could go to Central Park, to Times Square, to the Lincoln Tunnel and pop over to Lodi. I thought it was funny considering our one and only trip to NJ together….we broke down on the George Washington Bridge after being stuck in traffic for 2-3 hours, oh yeah, I was 6 months pregnant, and we were on our way to a funeral! After hubby got it back on the road we literally got stuck in Lodi, NJ! Every time the song comes on the radio or my iTunes I sing it loud and proud! LOL

OK, so as I’m writing, Ares is standing in Times Square looking up at the news ticker and this was our first chance to name our new plague. We had the trip plotted out and I kept saying; Ya know, I’ve seen this before.

The Big Guy kept laughing!

I knew the whole thing had a touch of The Master so I wanted something….some little play on words…that might bring that out to fans of The Master. We came up with ‘Major Falls’ for the name of the disease. I laughed, looked up and said;

Are you sure? Why?

Yes. Just like Cap’n Tripps, after you contract Major Falls, that’s what you do….fall in a major way.

I shook my head and typed: “The ticker told him that a disease called Major Falls was rapidly making its way through the city, that everyone should stock up on supplies, stay inside, keep their doors and windows locked to avoid contact with any contagious persons. Anyone with the disease was to report the Lower East Side for Quarantine. All dead were to be burned immediately along with all articles of the departed’s clothing and bedding. The industrial incinerators at several buildings around the city were turned into crematoriums to serve this purpose.”

We made our way to the Lincoln Tunnel, I’m typing the image of the road clogged with cars, some empty, most containing corpses, and of the stench and I stopped!


I got the biggest belly laugh I’ve heard in a long time along with a Keep going!

So we kept going. The putrid scent was too much for the Big Guy to take so we didn’t go IN the tunnel. He teleported to the Jersey Shore…not that it’s much of a saving grace but it’s there. We get over to the other side, find pretty much the same destruction/devastation and he actually walks to Lodi, NJ. When he gets there he finds several men in hazmat suits pitch-forking bodies off garbage trucks and tossing them into an open bon fire.

No! No! No! No!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Oh for cryin’ out loud!

For those of you are completely confused; I have just ripped off one of my favorite scenes in my favorite book of All-Time, “The Stand”.

We throw in a lot of The Master, that’s true, we throw nods and bows and “I’m not worthies” all the time. Other my old fan fiction, where Ares is referred to as ‘The Walkin’ Dude’ and ‘The Man in Black’, I don’t think any of my little nods have included “The Stand”. Yes, I know a lot of the old stories ripped off “The Dark Tower” Series with its nods (mainly because I don’t really like it, sorry Master King). But we’ve done a few other things too. In the recesses of my mind I think I knew we were headed here when I found Ares sitting in empty Las Vegas hotel in the first version of this chapter. I tried to pull that too but it didn’t work. We may still end up there. Won’t know until a bit later today.

In the meantime, I’ve sent this latest version off to my (undoubtedly) very beleaguered friend in hopes it makes more sense, is more cohesive, and a bit more concise. I think we’ve done a good job with all of the patching we did but only a fresh pair of eyes will be able to tell me that or not.

Before that, it’s off to work. It’s FRIDAY! Looks like I have an exciting weekend of writing ahead!!

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