What A Week

Geez, where to start? I don’t even know.

The exhaust system fell off my truck. How’s that for a start? Yep. Thing’s louder than a Mack Truck now! LOL So…it’s laid up for a while. Hubby and I are sharing our remaining vehicle for probably the next three weeks. Fun, huh? It’s somewhere around $350.00 for the parts and a Do-It-Yourself job, which I can actually come up with on Friday BUT it’ll take 5-7 days to get the parts. We have two weddings next weekend so hubby won’t be able to do it then. It will have to wait until the weekend after.


Oh well. I’m looking forward to the first wedding but I don’t have to go to the second one which is good cuz I need to get my ass writing some more but I’ve been so busy I can hardly sit down for 5 minutes at a stretch. I sent “Rising Son” off to two beta readers so hoping to get some feedback in the near future. That will get me going again provided I find any time.

Today is Miss Rebecca’s 21st birthday! I had to scramble to bake a cake, make tacos, and give her a gift. My bank account read -1.53! Damn! Amazon and Nook hadn’t put MY money into the account yet, I bet those bastards will do it at midnight tonight. I was counting on that small amount of cash but I had to go into the red even deeper. My book money will cover the $60.00 I scammed from the bank and hubby’s check will cover the $30.00 overdraft fee. It’ll work. I just hate having to do it this way. I couldn’t BUY her a gift so I gave her something else; her grandmother’s diamond cocktail ring. When she was dying my mother made me promise to give her diamonds to her granddaughters on their 16th birthdays. On Nikki’s 16th I gave her my mother’s diamond pendant. She lost it. Sold it. Hocked it. Who knows? I know she doesn’t know where it is. So on Becca’s 16th I held back and waited until today. You should have seen her face when I slid it off my finger and handed it to her! It was priceless, she started to cry. It was very sweet. Of course, after wearing it for 18 years my finger feels naked🙂 I’ll have to find a new ring. I baked her a Red Velvet cake with Butter Cream icing in the shape of a heart and we had our Traditional Gorman Family Dinner; tacos. So that day was not a total loss even though there wasn’t a fancy party or big expensive gift.

Oh well, tomorrow’s Thursday, then Friday, then a 3-day weekend that I better spend writing my fingers off! I think we’re a lot closer to The End of this story than I imagined. I think there’s either a part III for “Child of War” or we’re gonna ditch all the wonderful stuff we came up with…which I would hate! I really want to do the whole Apollo blackmails Alena thing. We’ll see.

Right now it’s time for some rest. I’m pooped!

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