It’s FRIDAY–We Made it

“Made it through another week” is swiftly re-becoming my mantra.šŸ™‚

This week; the truck died, the dish washer finally died, my job got a hell of a lot tougher, Becca turned 21, and I still haven’t finished this fuckin’ novel!


Oh yeah, and there’s been a huge party going on down in Tampa but I wasn’t invited and I haven’t been watching. Don’t worry, I won’t watch the next big party either. It’s all such a waste of time and money. Did anyone out there think for half a second that Mitt Romney wouldn’t accept the nomination? How about Obama? Do you think he’ll say; “Nah, that’s ok, you go ahead without me.” No? Me either.

So what’s the point in any of this overblown crap?

I dunno.

But I do know one thing and one thing only…in just about 3 weeks TV will be back on the menu! That’s the only thing keeping me movin’ forward these days. I gotta know what’s goin’ on with ‘Blondie’ and ‘Bones’.šŸ™‚ Mitt and Barry can suck it, I’m much more interested in ‘Red John’ at this point. LOL

That’s mostly because, all I can do when I get home anymore, is watch TV. That’s not totally true, I have done some writing but, on the whole, I’m so damn busy with the other stuff it’s only a few paragraphs a day. Work is a bear. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I’m strutting my stuff with the new changes and just rollin’ with the punches. I think I’m doin’ pretty ok. In fact, I even like it better now that’s so incredibly busy. I’m not bored. I feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end of the day and…I’m pretty good at it.šŸ™‚ So…yeah, go me! LOL

We’re putting off the exhaust system for the truck this week in order to get a new dishwasher. The thing has been dying (oh so pitifully and slowly!) these last several months. Yesterday it simply decided to give up the ghost. The heating element went first, washed dishes with lots of soap and cold water. That doesn’t work so well but we made-do. Now it doesn’t even pump in water anymore so….it’s gotta go. I did a dishwasher load and a half by hand yesterday. What a pain in the ass but those dishes were cleaner than they’ve been in a while! hahaha We spent last night on the laptop in bed cruising for new dishwashers, I figure it’s Labor Day Weekend there’s probably a good sale somewhere. We checked out Ye Olde Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy (don’t bother with that one for this), Sears, and a few non-Mega places. I think we’re going with a local appliance shop, Keith’s Appliance in Norwich, they seemed to have the best deal. $240.00. Not a bad price. Not when you consider I saw dishwashers for $1,300! $1,300! What the fuck does it DO? Does it load itself and put the dishes away for me???? Is it gold? Does it have a diamond scrubber?


Yeah….not getting the $1,300.00 model. I can’t believe anyone would pay that for a dishwasher but I guess if ya got that kinda cash ya don’t care how you spend it. For that, I could get a whole kitchen of new appliances. I don’t know about you but I could do it.

In any event…it’s FRIDAY! BLUE MOON TONIGHT! Oh, Momma’s been lookin’ so pretty this week! I’ve been starin’ at Her every night all dressed up in Her best refinery. I’ll set my two jars of water out again tonight and I’ll have enough Blue Moon Water to get me through for a while. I’d say until the next Blue Moon in 2015 but well I tend to use that stuff a lot. I’ll put it in my bath, cleanse my jewelry, spritz the house and myself with it. I have just over two gallons so I’m hoping it makes it through one full year.šŸ™‚

Hubby’s going out on a Blue Moon Kayak trip tonight so I’ll have the night to write. Which is good cuz we’re charging in to get Alena and just about to go into battle with Morpheus. Things are heating up well. I’m hoping to get through to the end of the scene tonight and then I’ll know better where we stand with this book. I’m really thinking all of the stuff with Zeus and Apollo is going to come in near the end and that’s where it’ll get left until the last book. Which is ok, I guess, since I wasn’t planning on a ‘happy ending’ in this book (gotta wait for the next one for that IF it cums) but I was hoping for a little more.

Right now it’s time to go in and knock a few balls out of the park at work. Then hubby will get out early and meet me at the office, a trip to grocery store, a trip to the package store, and then settle in for a 3-day weekend hopefully full of exhaustive writing. Deadline is swiftly approaching and it’s killing me. Next time…I’m just going to announce when the book is out for sale and that’s it.šŸ™‚

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  1. awww, boobs!šŸ™‚ I was just reading an article about the blue moon tonight and made sure to set an alarm on my phone to look up later on. 3 more hours until freedom!

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