The Week In Pictures

Been quite a week! I love this time of year when the seasons are shifting and everything’s charged and in high flow. It gets hectic but it’s good.

This week when I dropped hubby off at work one day I looked over and saw a sea of white caps and I said; “What are they doing?”

He said; “It’s Regimental Review.”

Like I knew what that meant. When he explained it to me all I could think of was that scene in “Stripes”….That’s The Fact Jack!

Except this wasn’t funny. But basically the same thing without any graduation. Everybody gets dressed up, lines up, and presents themselves to the head honcho…for no particular reason. But it looks nice. Instead of dropping him off I got out of the truck with my cellphone and took a few shots.

Then a little later in the week it was Miss Rebecca’s 21st Birthday! We don’t have much but we enjoy what we have and try to be happy for it rather than being ticked over things we don’t have. Our celebration was simple;

There’s the Birthday Girl with her grandmother’s diamond cocktail ring. She seemed happy to receive it even if it wasn’t a new car or something. We had our Traditional Dinner

If there’s one thing that can be said of this here Irish Woman it’s that she makes damn good tacos and pretty good chilli! Corned Beef & Cabbage? Not so much. LOL

Hubby got a goodie this week…

Pretty shiny, huh? He’s a happy boy. He’s a doubly happy boy because…he fixed the truck for $15.00!!! WOOT-WOOT! He was able to get the flange/thing off the catalytic converter and put a piece of pipe between that the other end of the exhaust. It stopped the noise and there’s nothing wrong with the cat. That was the real jagged pill, having to buy a new cat where there was nothing wrong with the old one. But now we don’t have to do that! Hahahaha…he’s a freakin’ genius!

Friday was the Blue Moon and I was looking forward to it. Hubby went out on a kayak trip, Becca was in Middletown with her boyfriend for the weekend and I was alone for the night. Just as he left hubby said; “I think you should take the latop outside tonight.” I gave him a kiss, told him to have a good time, and took his advice. I brought all my stuff outside, laptop, radio, cigs, coffee, cookies, box, Blue Moon Water and settled in.

The night was pristine, I could not have asked for better. Cool enough to be slightly chilly but the fire kept it at bay wonderfully. I don’t often write outside, this was only the second time I’ve done it although I threatened to do it more often than that.🙂 I just sat there for hours in the still of the evening, enjoying the night, and writing away. It was heavenly.

That has continued right through the weekend! WOOOOOT!!! It’s been totally awesome! I love it! The other day I decided to change the wallpaper on my desktop as I didn’t find it inspiring enough

It should be inspiring, right? I mean…I love Robert Downey, Jr. and YES, I “should be” writing….BUT….it was easy to say ‘screw you’ to so I came up with something I just can’t ignore.

Yep, now every time the computer boots up or I close out a screen and that meets my eye everything in me just goes; BOING!😉

I’m even dreaming about it. Such good good dreams….ahhhhhh.

Today I got wonderful news, one of my betas has finished the first 166 pages of “Rising Son” and come back with a glowing report! Yes! She hit every point I had been worried about…no, I didn’t tell her what to look for first. She allayed a lot of my fears and I feel re-charged. That’s a good thing because Ares and Alena are about to have SEX! I can’t wait…I’m tingling all over just thinking about it. She had a few good ideas, things I’d thought of doing and held back on or did and took out, but I still have all of that stuff of course so….after SEX…I’ll go back and see about adding a scene or two in at the beginning as a Prologue.

SEX first…..Ok…cya!

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  1. Kristina Haecker

    Looks like you had a very busy week! Happ belated birthday to your daughter!🙂 And I’m glad you feel recharged!

    PS- Now I’m craving tacos!

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