Tuesday–Forward Ever Forward

Do you have any idea just how much I am lovin’ THIS….

Holy Cow! That is the BEST THING I’ve done for myself in YEARS!🙂

No, it really is!

“The Avengers” were definitely easy to ignore. This guy? Nah, notsomuch.

The computer boots up, I get a shiver. I close out a program, I get a shiver. I do…anything with this machine of mine and there he is. COWABUNGA! Extremely inspirational, definitely makes me feel like getting on my knees to do a little worshiping😉 Or, at the very least, jump on in there and do what the man says…see if I can’t make him happy. LOL

So, in that light and with such wonderful help, we have gone forward in “Rising Son” today..WOOT! We grabbed that chapter, added it back in as the new Prologue, shaped it up a bit, and it fits rather nicely. It does add another dimension and I did want it it’s just that Almighty Word Count thing is a pain in the ass. BUT, I know, I know; We’re not paying any attention to it this time around. That’s a good thing cuz we just topped 110,000 words. We may be 3/4 of the way through this thing. Now that Alena’s awake and we’ve had hot blissful sex it’s time to really turn up the gas and start setting off small explosives, it should be a massive chain reaction that just snowballs out of control boom-boom-boom non-stop it’ll steam roll us up to The Big Finish.

Will work on it again maybe later tonight, definitely tomorrow.

I picked up another 5 hours a week at work now I’m 8-2 and it’s busy as all get out. I don’t mind pitching in and the extra pay will be very nice indeed. So long as I don’t sacrifice any writing time…no matter what happens, how frustrating, and hectic it gets…it’ll be ‘all good’ in the end.

Right now I’m off to finish up the Yankee Pot Roast that it’s in the oven and see if I can’t find ‘Blondie’ on the TV. “Bones” in TWO WEEKS! I told ya! TV is comin’ back to the menu, boys! Woot!

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  1. Kristina Haecker

    Rawr! That is one HOT picture. Definitely inspiring!😉 I’m super excited about the new prologue and am happy you’ve moved forward! Remember, word count is just a number! Longer is always better! Can’t wait to read more! I’ll be holding onto my chair for the big finale! Hope you had a good day!

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