Billy & Barry

The other day, while putting away laundry, I was caught in a sound-bite. I looked up at the TV to see my President asking; “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

I gasped. Honestly, I did. I thought; Geez, man, what are you doing? Are you trying to shoot yourself in the foot?

I went on with my laundry and my life.

This morning GMA brought me clips of the DNC. (Yes, I have avoided it just as I avoided the RNC–the only clip I saw there was the totally unavoidable one of Clint Eastwood.) Billy stood at the podium and he asked the same question; “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

I suddenly found myself saying; Yes, I am.

For those Billy-Haters out there….tough. I love the guy, I would vote for him again if the law would allow and, again if the law would allow, I’d like to see a Barry & Billy ticket. In fact, with that ticket, I’d CAMP OUT at the polls to vote! If you disagree….oh well.

Maybe it’s because I do like him so much and I enjoyed my life under his Presidency that I found myself answering the question in the positive instead of groaning. But, I actually AM better off now than I was under Georgie, Jr.

I have a new job, with better pay, and more hours. I work at a place where I am liked and respected as a person rather than being looked down upon as the ‘lowly secretary’ (Ok there are a few who think that but there are people like that in every crowd.) My bills are caught up. My hubby just got a new engine and new header for his bike…which coincidentally died and stayed dead for the last 4 years. Buying those items didn’t put us in the Poor House. My husband has received raises at work and, while we’ll probably never be monetarily wealthy, we are doing ok. Chugging right along and things are getting a little easier bit by bit.

Thanks, Billy for starting my day off on a positive note and making me realize that we are moving ‘Forward’. We may not be racing along at light speed but we are moving in the right direction. Is the road ahead clear sailing? Probably not. It never is, that’s Life. Welcome to It.

Even though Barry doesn’t thrill and chill me the way Billy still does I’m voting for him. (You never doubted that anyway, did you?)

I think we’ve got less than two months to go before we all get our TVs back from the political bullshit machine. So…let’s just hang in a little while longer. Before you know it this will be behind us and we’ll be on the next big thing that comes down the pipe…probably but more shit, but, ya know whatareyagonnado? That’s Life too.

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