Gettin’ Off the Apple Juice

I never thought it would happen…ever.

My hubby has one iPhone or another (roughly 6 of them) since the lovely iPhone began. No, he hasn’t continually upgraded. He has continually broken them. Up until very recently, Apple offered no warranty on its phone…that you might pay $500.00 for.

Well, this last time around Mother must have had other ideas because on the Blue Moon my hubby took out a bunch of his friends and went kayaking. Oh! They had a grand old time! Right up until hubby’s kayak hit a rock and tipped over. Poor hubby got wet. BUT, he’s smart, he had his cigs and his iPhone in a Tupperware-type-thing. It got ‘a little wet’ according to him but sometime later when he went to get a cig he found the contained was nearly full of water…so was his phone. Admittedly, the poor phone has been abused. Even though he bought a special Otter Case for it, somehow, the screen still smashed and got a major crack in it. (I doubt this did much good when it came to the water in the container!)’s dead. It has been since the Blue Moon and hubby has had to make-do with a crappy old flip phone. (snicker) Of course, I called AT&T to get a replacement phone and I was told, since I was such a ‘valued customer’, and his contract wasn’t up until December when he’d be entitled to a full-upgrade they’d push that up for me and give it to me now BUT not on the iPhone. I’m not paying $500.00 for a flippin’ phone! Trust me that fucker ain’t worth it.

Hubby decided he would get off the Apple juice and go with the Galaxy S III. I have the S (yeah, no number, just ‘S’) and I love it. When I have it. Mostly Becca has it. But I still love the phone. We ordered, it arrived. Oooo, the screen is so huge. Very nice. He’s having fun playing with it. I helped him get his contacts on the new phone since the ‘free software’ didn’t seem to wanna do its job.

I am very proud of my hubby for ditching the damn iPhone. Yes, I am. Apple is a horrible company. Their fucked up business practices almost make Wal-Mart look like your local Fair Trade Store! Seriously.

A while ago, when the iPad or iPad II came out, I heard on the radio and read on Yahoo! how the employees of “Apple City” –no, not the nice shiny one you may be hearing about–the ones in China, were jumping off the buildings, commonly committing suicide. They had done this soooo much that the people who run this shit-hole put up NETS under the buildings to catch anyone else who might to jump.

Dude! If you a run a factory and suddenly find you have to put up NETS to save the lives of your suicidal employees…you are doing something drastically WRONG. You NEED much more than a few fishing/trapeze nets. Ok?

Then, very recently, I heard that these factories where ’employees’ are basically forced to live and work around the clock so that Steve Jobs could bring you his products were yanking people out of college, making them work 16 hrs/day with 1 day ‘off’, and paying them about $67.00/wk.


THEN Apple turns around and charges YOU $500.00/iPhone and $440.00/iPad? Really?

Yeah. Ok. No. Just….no.

I bet those products don’t actually cost over $150.00 to produce/ship/display.

I don’t want any Apple products in my house. You can keep the overblown and overpriced iPad __ (insert number here). You can keep the damn iPhone___ (insert number here). Don’t want ’em. Don’t want nuttin’ ta do with ’em!

However… I am stuck on iTunes. Sucks. All my music is in iTunes format. I STARTED OUT with Windows Media Player/Jukebox-thing but hubby insisted iTunes was better. That was about a decade ago. I’ll to reformat everything for whatever music player Win7 has to offer.

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