NEW LONDON–Today’s the day! Yep, it’s get off your ass and vote day. I’ll be heading to my nearest polling place to vote in a few minutes. At least, after today—ok after the end of the week!–The New London Patch will settle down a little bit.🙂

I’m voting ‘no’. In fact, I’m voting HELL NO. (They give us a pen so I can do that if I want.)

I’ll let ya know how the 2012 Budget Battle goes tomorrow.

STATE OF CONNECTICUT–Man, is it gettin’ UGLY out there. I can’t turn on the TV without being bombarded by ads by/for Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy. I wish they’d both sit down and shut up already. Not one ad actually says what either one of them will do, how they’ll do it, or even what their ‘vision’ might be. Nope, it’s just one fistful of mud after another. It’s disgraceful and makes me not want to vote for either one of them. Of course, I have to get off my ass and vote for Murphy because Aunty Linda is not what she appears….well, she IS what she appears after you get past the newer shinier surface, I guess that’s the real problem. Making YouTube and such places take down old footage of Aunty in the WWF doesn’t make her look good in the least. It makes her look like she’s trying to hide something. After all, if you’re of a certain age, you’re already aware such footage exists so…what’s the point?

A few clarifications:
1-Aunty Linda’s plan will NOT lower her personal taxes….that’s true. It WILL lower her ‘corporate’ taxes.
2-Aunty Linda did NOT give her wrestler’s health insurance. She does now but for a very long time she did not.
3-Aunty Linda isn’t a savvy business woman, she and her husband drove a perfectly good business into the ground amid great scandal of the sexual and steroid types. AFTER that they started treating their ‘entertainment personalities’ like working people instead of indentured servants.
4-Aunty Linda does not give a crap about YOU.

Chris Murphy….only slightly better than Aunty Linda. But, it’s better than nothing.

PRESIDENTIAL RACE–I have one thing to say to Mitt Romney today; “Good job, dude! Keep it up, you’re doin’ great!”

In case you didn’t hear about his latest and greatest ‘off the cuff’ comments, he thinks 47% of us are…well…stupid, lazy, self-entitled. Mostly he thinks that because that 47% doesn’t pay taxes. I guess. They love the phrase ‘don’t pay taxes’ it sounds so much better than ‘living at or below the poverty level’…doesn’t it? Of course, he forgets that 47% does pay sales tax and property taxes on their vehicles, gas tax, some even pay ‘sin taxes’. So…yeah, Mitt, they do pay taxes. BTW, I notice he forgot to include the Corporate Welfare that’s sucking this country dry. Exxon didn’t pay any taxes either, people. They’re not the only ones and, it’s funny, I don’t see these great ‘job creators’ creating a lot of jobs with their fat government checks, do you? Have you ever noticed how those who born with silver spoons in their mouths like to call the rest of us ‘entitled’? I think that’s a riot considering they tend to be the most ‘entitled’ people I’ve ever met…the most ‘self-important’ ones too.

Yep, Truth is Stranger than Fiction.

Now I gotta go vote on my way into work.

It’s almost over, people. We’re getting there. Little by little we are crawling to the finish line of Election Season 2012. I know that because….the new TV Season is kicking off! BONES! Happy-Happy Joy-Joy! Yeah, I still had to suffer through Chris and Linda every 12 minutes but it was worth it!🙂

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