Oh Happy Day

There is some sanity left in the world….who knew???

New London Budget Tax Rate Voted Down Woot–WOOOOOOOT!

Pardon the gloating but, ya know, hey man, it’s not often my ‘team’ wins๐Ÿ™‚

No, I’m not a Mayor-Hater, I think it’s he’s kinda ok. That’s not why I voted against it. I voted against it because I can’t afford it. That’s the bottom line. I hope most of those who voted against the budget didn’t do it because they hate the Mayor, I hope they did it because they asked themselves; What am I getting in return for this excessive amount of tax money? If they did they came back with the only possible answers 1-Not much or 2-Not a damn thing

Now they have to come up with something better. Something that benefits the entire city. Yeah, I know…fat chance! LOL

In Other News….did you know Jesus Christ had a Wife? I did. I said it all of my life, go on ask anyone who knows me, especially people like Father Castaldi and Monsignor St. Onge. G’head…ask ’em. Decades before “The DaVinci Code”, I drove ’em nuts. I was a kid with questions that they were not comfortable answering. Instead they got huffy and eventually got to things like ‘sacrilege’. At which I was the one who rolled my eyes, yawned, and went; ‘whatever’. But lately a tiny scrap of paper in the news is proving me right. I’ll tell you, if they taught me about THAT Jesus Christ in Sunday School/CCD I would have been more inclined to listen to what they were saying. Above everything else, no matter what, Jesus Christ was a man. Unless he was a gay man, at some point before he died he fell in love with a woman.

Yep. He did. I’ll bet they even had SEX. I’ll bet they even had KIDS.

Oooooo…..big shocking news, huh?๐Ÿ˜‰

Last night the news also brought me Mitt Romney…again. (48 days people! 48 days!) But more than that they brought me a little pie-chart that broke down that lazy ungrateful self-entitled 47%. I learned that of the 47%:
60% are those making $50,000/yr or less….that includes families
25% are people on Social Security. They don’t pay taxes on that because they already did. Duh. You’re paying it now too….just check your pay stub.
15% are people who are unemployed or on public assistance.

15% of 47% of the population of the United States. Me thinks that number is too small to support the wild claims that are like just TONS of people who ‘don’t want to work’ and are soaking the system for every penny. I don’t deny the existence of such people I simply say their number is so small I’m not taking them into consideration in my equation. Ooo, uh-oh, ok, just call me ‘Mitt’ on that one.

As the other 85% of the 47%, I think they’re all probably pretty decent hard-working people. I don’t think they’re slugs, or lazy, or self-entitled. If you make $50,000/yr or less you probably shouldn’t think they are either. We’re all in this leaky boat, we’re all bailing as fast as we can, if we could just get the ‘captains’ up off their asses to actually help instead of barking orders we might get somewhere.

Being in that 60% of the 47% myself…I gotta go to work now.

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