That word means a lot of things to different people.

Let me explain.

In his never-ending quest to be a good husband and show me that he loves me, my hubby hooked up an external drive chock full of music to my computer. He’s done this before with the same external drive. For some reason almost all of the songs don’t show up, so once again I picked through it and called it ‘done’. Then he said; No, no, no, do it this way.

He proceeded to import 24,000 songs to my iTunes.

I had 1500+, all hand picked.

He thought the explosion was great. Now I’ll have all kinds of music. He’s a musician and a DJ it’s nature to love all kinda of music.

Me? Not so much. Did I mention I hand picked those 1500 songs?

Yesterday I opened my iTunes and started writing and every 30 seconds I had to close out and hit ‘next’ on the iTunes, it got so bad I stopped writing. I do not like; rap, hip-hop, country, ‘ethnic’ music at all and yet I was now in possession of 24,000 shitty songs.

Oh bother.

I thanked him for his help and tried to explain that this was not a big assistance to me. I really only even open iTunes when I’m writing and I expect to hear music that I *like* and that I *know* so it helps me flow and doesn’t dam me up. I’m sure if some shrink did a study of my 1500 songs they’d find some type of strange similarity between them that appeals to me on a deep psychological level. If anyone wants to undertake that task just let me know.

Today, rather than battle the Music Monster, I uninstalled my iTunes and unplugged the external drive. I reinstalled iTunes only to find, even though they weren’t really there, those 24,000 shitty songs were still showing up in my music list. I had to ‘select all’ and then ‘delete’ and then re-import those 1500 songs I keep safely on a back-up drive. Now all is well and I can actually be entertained as I write instead of frustrated to hell. Always a good thing.🙂

On a Visual Entertainment level we have, almost, finished obtaining our collection of comic book movies that fit in with “Avengers”, I have that on order, I’ll be picking it up Tuesday after work. Thursday we bought “Thor” and “The Incredible Hulk”. I had problems with that one because Mark Ruffalo isn’t in either of the ‘Hulk’ movies, I heard I never wanted to watch the one with Eric Bana (who I like) so we got the one with Edward Norton who drove me absolutely insane until the next morning when, for no reason at all and straight out of the blue, I yelled; “Fight Club!”. Yes, that’s where I’d seen him before.🙂

We have spent a good portion of this weekend having a Movie Marathon. Always fun, I love it. We started with “Thor”, which I panned when we saw it in the movie theater. I have to say, it wasn’t nearly as bad the second time around. See…I’m a not a comic book fan in the least. I have read 1….repeat 1…comic book in my entire life. I still kick myself in the ass for throwing it and all of my other KISS memorabilia out in a fit of rage at my mother. Oh, such a bummer, that shit’s worth a lot of money now…who knew? If it had never been for my dear hubby I never would have seen any of these movies. Not one. Which would have been a shame because I come have to love most of these movies a great deal. I never would have seen “Batman” or “Spiderman” or “The Fantastic 4” or “Ghost Rider” or…well…anything like that. They all have one thing in common; an alter ego. It seems be carved in stone that this is the case.

So, when we went to see “Thor” I was expecting the same old comic book stuff; a mortal guy who had something extraordinary happen to him and, “By the Power of Grayskull”! becomes “Thor” when he needs to.

I was not expecting…well….THOR. It threw me off from the get-go and I didn’t get over it until this weekend. ‘Tony Stark’ is like the ONLY super hero I ever saw/heard get up and say (fuck it) “I am Iron Man.”

I must say that Chelmsford kid is very yummy, isn’t he? Although I do think he’s been enhanced in that one incredible scene where he appears with no shirt and makes my eyes bulge out of my head. Not bad for a blonde…not bad at all. I do like him better with the darker hair as in “Star Trek” where the boy did not escape my attention even though he’s only in the movie for 3.5 minutes.🙂

Then we watched “The Incredible Hulk” with Edward Norton. Not a bad flick. It won’t end up being one of my favorites out of this….series?…but it’s ok. I don’t know why Bana nor Norton are in “Avengers” and whenever I look at Ruffalo I can’t stop seeing “Zodiac” or “Shutter Island”…both truly good flicks, btw.

Yesterday we watched…for the umpteenth time….”Captain America” and I still can’t figure out how they shrunk the kid so well. But it’s a good flick too. Also, for the umpteenth time because I’ll never tire of it, we watched “Iron Man”. Tonight it’s “Iron Man II” and probably “Hulk” again. So we should be all set for Tuesday when “Avengers” comes out.🙂

I also spent some time in the Horror Section at FYE…so much better than Best Bud for movies and music! If you have one you must go there instead! They have a bazillion movies and not just the latest releases from this year and last. Very carefully I cruised the section until The Big Guy started to get worried and asked me if I was ok. LOL. I almost bought “The Woman in Black” and one day I will, I want to see that. BUT my movie collection was recently depleted and I needed to replace some stuff, I still do thanks to my lovely daughter, Miss Rebecca. I got “Orphan”, that’s an awesome flick! And, something…maybe The Big Guy…nudged me to two movies I’d seen long ago loved but never bought because they deeply disturbed me so badly. Sort of like “Angel Heart” which, to this day I have watched once and only once because I’m too scared to watch it again. (Ah, Mickey Rourke before his face got messed up….oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blew my mind. Hey Mickey! hahaha) I am now the proud owner of “Identity” and “Frailty”. If you haven’t seen these movies and you like horror flicks (not slasher movies) you should really give them a whirl. My heart raced like nobody’s business through both of those movies. Hubby has a gig coming up so I’ll have a movie marathon of my own.

Now I really must go, since my iTunes is back to normal, and get Raven in bed with Aphrodite. Gonna be hot and sweaty then it’s gonna be damn painful for the boy. She’s pissed off at him and she has every reason to be. So this should be interesting…hehehe.

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  1. Kristina Haecker

    Isn’t Chris Hemsworth super yummy? I love that movie. I don’t think he was enhanced at all. I believe he actually had to loose some of the muscles because he didn’t fit into his uniform. I also can’t wait for The Avengers. Great movie!

    Have fun writing the Raven/Aphrodite scene! 😉

    • Yeah, sorry I got the name wrong, I’m not sure who I was thinking of. I looked him up quick on IMDB. He’s 6’3…if we ask him nicely to dye his hair black do you think we could offer him the part of Ares??? He’s not quite old enough but we could just ‘try him out’ and see how it goes. LOL

  2. Kristina Haecker

    Mmmmmmm. I’d definitely be okay with that. ^_^

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