Playin’ Catch-Up…As Always

Busy week already. Yesterday didn’t go quite as I had planned. I went to work, I did my thing, I did a few big updates on the website–time to get those political endorsements up…41 days people, 41 days! Keep hanging in there with me, don’t give up.๐Ÿ™‚

I started this project on Monday, I got Chris Murphy’s section all done and got to noogie Linda McMahon a bit๐Ÿ™‚ Just a bit, I didn’t say anything that wasn’t on the political hand-out I’d been given to work with so…neh. I figured, while I was there I’d ask who else we were endorsing so I could get them up and running. The information didn’t come to me until late Monday afternoon. I spent an extra 1/2 hour at work putting the basics together and called it a day. Yesterday I went around finding each endorsed candidate’s site, getting the link to the home page and their ‘issues’ or ‘about me’ pages then I had to hunt for pics! WTF? The pics on their sites either were not so good or they were part of a larger image. Grrrrr. But I got the page all set and pretty and even made a nifty patriotic-themed link to it on the front page. Kinda cool. I worked on the Main Page for a while and gave that a nice little overhaul. Then I worked on the Members Page for a while and gave that a nice little overhaul. Got an email blast out to members and called it a day.

I went in today, knowing I was going to be alone and maybe bored. Admittedly, I thought I’d use the time to write but I feel guilty doing that on their time. At the law office, I didn’t give a shit. I wrote to my heart’s content when time permitted me to do so. Here I feel bad if I pop my Facebook page. It’s because they’re so nice and they seem to actually like me not because of anything else. I cleaned the Hall, put fresh toilet paper, paper towels, and air freshener in the bathrooms, made coffee, cleaned up the back room. Finally, when every tiny thing was done, I opened my file. Sighed. Shook my head and looked behind me at the filing cabinets. I thought; Ah-ha! I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!

I also thought; It can’t be too bad.

ha ha ha

I don’t think anyone has EVER gone through the filing cabinets. Not once. I started the task with the intention of being able to ‘make some room’ and ‘store some old files’. I was able to do A-G today which is the top drawer of the cabinet and into which not one more shred of paper could be stuffed! It was horrible. I grabbed just as much as I could grab of the A’s, sat down, opened the database and started. I thought I’d need a small box.

By the time I was done, I stuffed a box that once contained a case of 8×11 copy paper. Overstuffed. Jam packed. I sealed it up tight with tape wrote upon it; Stored Files 9/26/2012 A-G. Someone other than myself will have to take it down to the basement.๐Ÿ™‚

I went through each file, typed in each name, printed out their main page if they were; Suspended more than 1 year, Dead, Resigned, Withdrawn, or Dropped. Yes…dead. They bothered to enter the information that the person died but never took the file out of the drawer. There were people…many of them…who suspended out in 1999 still in the cabinet. Oh my! On the front of each file I wrote the date they were; suspended, died, resigned, withdrew, or dropped along with whichever reason filled the bill. I put it in the box, all nice and tidy in alphabetical order if anyone ever needs to go looking for them.

At the end of the day when all the people who were still with us in one manner or another were filed away I got rid of over half the files in just the top drawer. Can’t wait to do H-N tomorrow. Should be fun. At least I was able to salvage a good-sized box from the recycle bin for the purpose.

Oh, yes…wait. We were going to talk about yesterday, weren’t we? Yes, we were.

I did my thing at work and I came home to find Rebecca made coffee for me. That was nice, huh? Yeah. Except we were out of cream. Get the truck go up to the store get cream and while I’m there milk and cigs. Come home. Come around the corner and say; Oh fuck! It’s TUESDAY! Shit!

Get the door, sit down, gulp down some coffee, she tells me she was unable to go through with her dentist appointment because the woman behind the desk said that the computers were down and they had no power. In fact, they’d been without power since Thursday. I thought that odd since hubby had an appointment that afternoon AND he’d just been there the day before and had his teeth cleaned. But I was in a rush and said; Ok but I was out the door again. This time all the way to the Crystal Mall to FYE to get my pre-ordered copy of “Avengers”. I hit EVERY freakin’ red light on the way. Each…one. All of them! I get to the mall, I park close, I get inside, and wait 10 minutes behind someone who is picking up his copy of “Avengers” but has a ton inane questions. Finally, I got my copy….it came with a nifty little tote bag, I like it. I took a different route home, and it’s getting late, hubby will be home soon. Gotta keep an eye on dinner. No time to write.

Hubby comes home and he has a strange look on his face, he’s scowling at me and I’m wondering what the fuck I did. He says; “Come outside with me.”

I think; Oh shit! What now?

We walk all the way out the back of the yard with me asking him what’s wrong and finally he stops walking, looks down at me with a very serious face and says; “Is Rebecca pregnant?”

I thought; Well, at least it’s nothing I did! LOL

But I said; “No, what’s up?”

Then he went on to tell me how Rebecca missed her dentist appointment earlier in the day because they were ‘unable to do the procedure’. When he asked; Why. They told him it was because Rebecca’s pregnant. Needless to say hubby could barely contain himself and the dentist’s staff along with the dentist were incredulous to believe hubby did not know this Earth shattering news.

I walk him back to the house, I walk up to the stairs, shout up; “Rebecca!” She comes out of her room and I say; “Are you pregnant?”

She looked at me dumbfounded and said; “No.”

Which I believe because she’s female and lives in my house and once a months she leaves nasty unwrapped things in the bathroom trash. Like last month. Yeah, mom’s notice these things.

Long story-short; If you live in New London avoid Dr. Hannah and his staff. They spread lies and rumors while completely smashing federal health laws/mandates such as HIPPA. So please, if you value your privacy don’t go there. Oh yes, and also, the reason hubby was there yesterday was because they ‘accidentally’ picked out a filling of his–one they were trying to get him to ‘upgrade’ from mercury (yes, I know) to the…white stuff–so he went to have it filled. The charge is astronomical to start with BUT…if I took my car to have it detailed and when I got it back there was a huge rip in the seat, who do you think would be paying for that? Yes, the detailer. I say the same holds true for the dentist; if they fuck it up they should fix it free of charge.

One more time; New London, Connecticut…Dr. Paul Hannah…don’t go there.

Any-hoo, after all calmed down and reassurances were made, we sat down to watch “The Avengers”. It wasn’t on my List of Things To Do because Gibbs and LL Cool J premiered last night and I wanted to see them. The movie ended JUST in time…LOL. Oh, it’s a great flick. You gotta see it. I can’t say enough good things about it. Now that we own and have watched back-to-back all of the other movies in the storyline it makes oodles more sense.๐Ÿ™‚

Tonight’s premieres are: CSI and Criminal Minds. Don’t know if I’ll watch those or not. I stopped watching CSI when I lost Grissom๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I have to wait until SUNDAY for Blondie…that doesn’t seem fair.

Tomorrow is Person of Interest. I love that show.

In 41 days those nasty political ads (of all parties/PACs/varieties) will finally GO AWAY and stop interrupting my TV Time with their overblown backstabbing mudslinging bullshit!


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  1. umm how come they didn’t do her teeth then someone is lying,

    • I have no idea. We don’t go there anymore. She don’t look pregnant to me and by now she should be sick as a dog. Can you sue for HIPPA infractions????

  2. Dunno but the scooby investigator wants to take her to docs and get some stright info. and remember not all show right away, dont tell me you have not passed the show I didnt know i was preggers til i got cramps and it dropped in tolite. lol

    • That is such bullshit! I don’t watch any of those stupid shows. She offered to piss on a stick for us so I’m leaving it there.

      • that is awesome. i love my family, personally i would take whole batch up there demand apology and free service for mental anguish and fuckin up Roys filling. btw still no cavities here

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