Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Yesterday was a banner writing day! Woot! We sat down about 10 o’clock in the morning and didn’t get up for anything other than coffee and the bathroom until 6:30 or so.🙂

SEX! ALL DAY…nothing but sex between Raven and Aphrodite. Chapter Twenty: Strange Bedfellows, ended up being 16 pages long and about 14 of it is sex. hehehe I must say, the boy is quite something. He had many surprises for me. He seemed to have developed a silver tongue as we were going along, I was shocked and amazed at how he manged to turn the whole thing around in his favor. I never thought he’d actually ensnare the Lady of Love but he did. In fact, even though he’s in chains, he manages to outright and very subtly seduce her.

What a chip off the old block! LOL

I was buzzin’ like a bad electrical cord approaching overload when I finally shut this thing down last night. I was exhausted and totally horny. Thankfully I got my ‘reward’ and a long wonderful reward it was😉 Always amazes me, hubby never reads my stuff (so far as I know), yet, at the end of a long…hard…day like yesterday he seems to hone on what I’ve written and…poof…I’m in the story. I don’t know how he does it but as long as he keeps doing it I don’t see any reason why this marriage can’t last past the End of Time.

As I was falling blissfully asleep last night I had the most wonderful ideas for whenever Raven actually departs Olympus with Rose in search of the Dark Kingdom. It should be rather soon–not yet, we’ve found a rather neat little way to stall Alena from sleeping with Apollo for a few more chapters–so I’m betting this sucker will top 400 8×11 pages, so it’s bound to be 600-700 properly formatted pages. That’s if we keep going and we don’t break it up somehow. I would really hate to break it up. But, maybe, if we must, then that will be a proper place to leave this story off. The next one could be mostly about his time in the Dark Kingdom and what a fucked up place it is…it really is. Men do not fare well in the Dark Kingdom in fact I found out last night that there is has never been a Dark Fae Prince…ever. No Dark Fae Queen as ever given birth to a boy. So they’re bound not to take too kindly to Raven when he shows up. It could really be a very interesting story by itself.

Anyway, I put a few paragraphs of the ‘new stuff’ on my Facebook ‘fan’ page and got a few good responses. I see roughly 118 people actually read the post so there must be some interest out there somewhere. You know me, I want to put the whole thing up for you nice folks to read but I can’t do that because it takes away incentive to buy the book. But, I’m rather proud of the way it came out. I seem to have a growing appreciation for Raven.

Well, more writing today. A few interesting little details. A trial. Alena to the rescue. Then, somehow or other, we gotta kill that God. Then Alena and Apollo. Then a very unhappy Ares–new King of Olympus. Then Raven and Rose will high tail it off the mountain. I know where we’re going just not sure how we’re getting there. I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

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  1. Go, Lisa, go!🙂 I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen with the last half of the book!❤

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