I Don’t Think I’m Going To Make It

I waited and waited and waited ALL this week for Sunday, September 30th 10:00 pm. I even forced myself to stay awake!


Oh yes, good question. Here’s why

I sat up through “The Simpsons”, “Bob’s Burgers”, “Family Guy” and “American Dad” while my hubby snored next to me. He didn’t even make it to the end of “American Dad”.

Any-hoo, I sat there and watched the Cartoon Premier Sunday on FOX–ever notice how FOX “News” sucks ass really badly but the shows on FOX are usually good…and they’re totally opposite of the slant that their ‘news’ brings you? Weird, huh? They even opened up their own Spanish Network…and so far as I can see on FOX “News”– they detest Hispanic people. Totally weird. Oh, true Capitalism at its best (or worst) I guess.

I digress….I don’t know if this happened to you or not, perhaps it’s just a ‘local phenomenon’, I don’t know. For each 1/2 hour cartoon there were 2 McMahon and 2 Murphy ads….8 altogether in 2 hours. That’s ad ‘sponsored’ by the candidate and PAC ads. Which I hate and think should be disallowed. I stomached it, I soldiered on. Then came the moment I’d been waiting for all week!


By the end of the first twenty minutes I wanted to cry! I wanted to scream; “Knock it the fuck off already!” At the end of the show I counted no less than 6 ads for/against Murphy/McMahon. Let’s get that right…that’s 6 ads…EACH for a total of 12 in a frigging HOUR. In fact, they were pretty much the ONLY ads Blondie had going.


I waited ALL summer for this and those two bone heads have to go and ruin it on me! I hate them…both of them…so very very much.

I would rather spend the night with Red John then be subjected to one more of these ads!

Look here, Dumb and Dumber, we ALL know you’re running. We ALL know you hate your opponent. We ALL know your own records suck salty monkey balls! So could you please just sit down and shut the hell up!

If not, could we please make some rules here? Simple ones like; no candidate can have more than 3 ads in prime time on any given night. That includes ads that are not ‘sponsored’ by the candidates but put out by the ever-lovin’ PACs. So between 8pm and 11pm everybody gets THREE ads. THREE. Use them wisely and stop bugging the shit out of the general public already. Don’t you know that at this stage of Election Season we’re all holding on by our teeth and trying to pull our hair out? Don’t you know we’re SICK of YOU already? You were not invited into our homes so stop barging through the front door and talking to us like we’re long-lost buddies or something.

In fact, just…STOP TALKING. I think it should be a hard-n-fast rule that come October 1st ALL candidates may ONLY speak at the debates. They may not constantly toss their ugly mugs and their even uglier words onto my or your TV/radio. Let’s face it, if come October 1st you still don’t know who you’re voting for you’re probably an idiot. So, do us all favor and just stay home on Election Day.

Here in Connecticut, if you watch the TV, you might think that the ONLY race being run is between Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon. You might not know there’s a PRESIDENTIAL RACE at all. Every now and then good ol’ Barry tosses an ad up on the tube. I haven’t seen one from Mitt yet. Joe Courtney? No ads. Elizabeth Esty, finally shut up. Rosa DeLauro? No ads.

Every fifteen minutes either Linda McMahon or Chris Murphy smacks me in the face with their bullshit. And make no mistake it IS bullshit on both sides. They’re just flinging it around like it was a Frisbee hoping if they throw out enough of it some of it’s bound to stick to the wall.

They ruined my show. Bastards! I hope they both choke to death on November 5th. Hit by a bus. Car wreck. Heart attack. Who cares how they die (although slowly would be nice in the case of Linda McMahon, yes it would) just so long as they go away. Far far away to a land where they can never TALK ever again.

34 days left. If we could get them ALL to shut up now, we might make it with some level of civility and a bit of sanity left in our heads.

But that’s probably not going to happen.

Oh bother.

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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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