Poor Sonny

I know just how he feels. Poor guy. Totally sucks.

Anyway, yesterday they wanted me to add more Murphy stuff to the union website. The handout thing I got was bland and boring and it didn’t really SAY much of anything–yeah, I know; neither do the damn ads! I just grabbed the McMahon/Murphy Debate Schedule off it, added it to the site with a bunch of links to the venues, the sponsors blah blah blah. I looked and thought it was overtly lopsided so I looked up the Debate Schedules for the other folks and added the ones I found. Couldn’t find zip for two people and a third had dates and places but no times or other info. I skipped them. What’s the point in disseminating information if there’s no real information to disseminate?

I came home. I wrote a bit. Left the damn TV off. Just me and my iTunes. Had dinner. Had a hot shower. Crawled into wonderfully clean blankets to watch my favorite show, “Bones”. I was surprised when it was not completely obliterated by Linda McMahon and/or Chris Murphy with their blessed ads. That was very nice. In fact, maybe someone did some study and they think most people don’t watch TV on Monday nights there didn’t seem to be Political Ad Overload at all last night. Then again, maybe I’m just

It could be. At this point it really could be.

I went into work today and my boss and I discussed this inescapable phenomenon and we agreed that while we understand the need for such stuff we really wish it would just go away. It’s too much. If you turn off the TV it’s on the radio. If you turn off the radio it’s on the Internet–whether you want it or not. I get soooo much crap email in my ebox! I don’t know where/why I got on somebody’s ‘list’ but every day I get political bullshit delivered right to me. If it’s not that it’s a pop up on a site. Or it’s Facebook. Although I have to say it’s not Facebook so much or maybe that’s just my feed. How’s yours?

I decided about a week to consciously stop ‘sharing’ political messages unless they’re were outrageously funny. I did. I think most people feel the same way I do; they’re just tired of it. So they’re not passing it along either. I am getting many more funny/inspiration/weird/beautiful photos in my feed and I’m passing them along. Its much more enjoyable and I can actually stay ‘friends’ with my friends! I like that.


Guess who’s having rallies?


Guess who got to make a web page for Chris Murphy?


Guess who got to do up a fancy mass mailing letting everyone know about our two upcoming Chris Murphy rallies?


Guess who got to make up fancy flyers and hang them in the Hall for the Chris Murphy rallies?


I can’t even get away from it AT WORK!


Ya know, at this point in time I’d be dancing on air if BOTH Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy got hit by a fast moving bus! I’d be so happy I could cry.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Linda McMahon. I think she’s a lying weasley little bitch. I think Connecticut will do nothing but suffer if she gets in and she’ll take the rest of you nice folks right along with us. Yes, unlike Missouri who gave us Todd Akin, we here in Connecticut do try to look at the bigger picture when considering our own immediate futures. So I want someone to lay the smackdown on her and hard. But I don’t really like Murphy either. That’s my personal opinion, I’m entitled to it and to express it in any non-violent manner I see fit. So, for the first time in a little while, when I go into the voting booth come November I’ll actually be voting *against* someone rather than *for* someone. To me, that always sucks. I’d rather just leave the little dots blank but doing that in this close race could have disastrous consequences.

I still say that We The People should be given the entire month of October off from this stuff. Call it Reflection on Election Month. Just…ya know…some nice peaceful quiet time to sit back and think about all the bullshit you were bombarded with beginning in June. Then, come November 1st the candidates can kick it into high gear and throw all the shit they want. Hell, they can paint the walls with it for all I care.

In the meantime, I’ll be fielding emails and calls about the upcoming Chris Murphy rallies.

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