Watching TV Can Pay Off

In spite of what my dear brother in-law has taught me;

Sis, don’t get your facts from TV!

Today I discovered that watching TV can be helpful in real life. After 4 decades of watching shows like;
Murder She Wrote
Barnaby Jones
The Rockford Files
Law & Order (all 3 varieties)
The Mentalist (Blondie)
And a thousand other shows

I got to put my detective skills to work today.πŸ™‚

See, last week some jerk decided he wanted to be, well a jerk. A prick is more like it but we’ll be kind and stick with jerk. He was all pissed off because he’s ‘retired’ and he got a letter telling him he was behind in his dues and he ‘doesn’t have to pay dues anymore’. He stood at my window like a crabby little boy and threw a hissy fit. I threw it back at him. I looked him up in computer and, sure enough, he has to pay dues.


AND he’s behind.

AND, he was supposed to give a bit of notice if he planned to ‘retire’. He did not. Of course.

Anyway, the deal is if you are:

65 and over with 30 years of service to the Union you pay $6.00/mt dues. If you happen to have, I believe it’s 50 years service, you become a ‘honorary member’ and….no dues.

65 and under OR with less than 30 years of service to the Union you pay $15.80/mt.

Oh well, according to Mr. Jerk he’s 65 and he has ‘way more than 30 years service’.

Not according to the computer, which I nicely tried to tell him but he wouldn’t listen because either my computer ‘is wrong’ or I ‘don’t know what I’m doing’…according to Mr. Jerk. Then he stomped away like a little brat when I told him; “We don’t take cash for dues.” There are no less than 2 signs AT MY WINDOW stating “No Cash for Dues”. He was STARING at one of them! (I have since made bigger more colorful signs!) You KNOW he was going to demand change for the hundred bill he wanted to hand me and since we DON’T TAKE CASH FOR DUES…I would have no change to give him. See how that works?

Yesterday, he sent his payment in via US Mail with a nasty note informing me he spoke to So-n-So and they said….blah blah blah. Well, I’ll tell ya right now ‘they’ just gave him the party line. ‘They’ gave out false information because ‘they’ couldn’t be bothered to look him up. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of to get the computer to let me change the dues code to ‘retired’ but it just kept saying; Member does not have 30 years of service and wouldn’t let me do it. I could change it to ‘early retirement’ but not ‘retired’. (Yeah, I didn’t make the database, I didn’t make these labels. I’m aware that 65 is NOT ‘early retirement’ but that’s what the database has.) Finally, I sent it up to the bookkeeper in Yalesville but she’s new and probably wouldn’t be able to solve the mystery. I just wanted someone higher on the food chain than I am to take a look at it.

Today I made calls and asked questions. I printed out his entire history with the International…not just our Local because he’s bounced around quite a bit and…oh my! What did I find? I found that yes, Mr. Jerk is 65, yes, he was initiated in 1969, which should definitely meet the 30 years of service clause BUT, for some reason, he only had 5 years 5 months of service listed.

Odd, huh?

In scrutinizing his history I discovered he dropped out in 2001 and didn’t come back until 2007. Six years absence equals you start from square one, buddy. So I asked my boss and the people up in Boston and everyone said; If a member has to be re-initiated that starts the clock over again and all the other years no longer count. As far as the Local and the International are concerned he has 5 years and 5 months of service. It does NOT effect anyone’s pension/annuities things like that, just the dues rate you pay. So don’t think he lost out on anything ‘important’ or anything like that. We’re not assholes…unlike this guy.

Mr. Jerk KNEW that. You bet your ass he did. How can he NOT know he DROPPED OUT for six years??? Trust me the way his mouth ran, he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s or anything like that he’s just trying to get something for nothing and hoping to make someone feel like shit in the process.

Not me, buddy. I lob shit back at’cha like you can’t believe! Anyone throwin’ it my way damn well better be able to catch or duck!

I printed out his history, wrote a very nice letter explaining why he was wrong and I and my computer were right. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my life it’s the computer is almost always right. Not ALWAYS but ALMOST always. I attached the pertinent page of his history and highlighted the pertinent entries. I told him I gave him the credit he was due for his 2 months of ‘retirement’ and that he had a balance due. I also told him that his dues would be $15.80/mt from here on out. I refrained from saying; if you don’t like it asshole get the fuck out. See? I can be nice.πŸ™‚

I should charge that jerk for the hour I spent tracking down his personal history.

I’d like to be a fly on the wall when he opens the letter.πŸ˜‰

The phone call I’m gonna get should be fun. I hope he’s ready for me cuz I’m ready for him.

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  1. I am proud of you sis. and just reminder spock, kirk and mcoy were not at the ok corral. G

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