It’s All Big Bird’s Fault

Yep, that feathery yellow bastard, he’s the reason our country is in so much debt!

OK, no he’s not. Cutting funding for good programs that actually have social value like, for instance, PBS will only cut 0.12% out of the budget. So PBS is hardly a deal breaker.

I did half of my civic duty last night and sat through the first hour of the first Presidential Debate. I really couldn’t take anymore than that but I was surprised I got that far before becoming disgusted. We even watched it as a family and discussed as they trolled along.

They both spoke eloquently. They both made some good points. They both were polite and civil. Neither of them knew when to shut up. Both of them went way over their ‘time limits’ and ‘off topic’. I felt badly for Lehrer, I imagine it’s not easy to tell the President of the United States (no matter who it is) to ‘shut up, your time is up Mr. President’. Yeah, not a job I’d want.

Mitt Romney, while he came off as much more likeable than he has been in the past, did not persuade me to change my vote. I think under that nice suit he’s just as low-down and greasy and Don Corleone. I don’t think he has the best interests of ‘The Family’ in mind and I don’t see how his ‘tax/budget/deficit plan’ would work in the real world. I didn’t like his stance on energy. I didn’t like his stance on ‘small businesses’, I still think the term ‘small business’ NEEDS to be REDEFINED. I didn’t like his stance on closing loopholes. I didn’t like his stance on companies that send ‘good American jobs’ overseas. I didn’t like his stance on Medicare/Medicaid and/or ‘entitlements’. At all. Man, if you let the Great State of Connecticut decide this stuff we’ll be so screwed it’s not even funny. No, the states can’t ‘take care of it on their own’ me, they can’t. Not with any efficiency. AND these states are already strapped for cash. I think Mitt’s big idea is to make federal government smaller while making state government bigger.

Six of one and half-dozen of the other. Big hairy-ass deal.

I had never heard of Dodd Frank before last night and I swear they kept saying DOT Frank and I kept wondering what type of website that was! LOL If the federal government really does a have a list of 5 banks that are ‘too big to fail’ they need to ditch that shit. NO company is ‘too big to fail’ and if it is then it borders on a monopoly and they’re not allowed so break ’em up like ya did the phone company all those years ago. Not that that got us anywhere but….give it a shot anyway. I am so NOT interested in EVER bailing out places like Bank of America…oh man, you don’t even know. My stance on things like that is; If you play Fast n Loose and you get your ass burnt to a crips…buy your own burn salve AND swab it on your own ass!

So…that’s that.

When I’d finally had my fill of bullshit we turned off the debates. It was 10 o’clock. It was Wednesday. It’s “South Park” time. Which, by the way, I found much more entertaining, informative, and educational than the debate. If you missed it get your ‘mobility scooters’ out and prepare to have a good laugh. I think Barry and Mitt could learn a thing or two from that particular episode. Maybe what we really need isn’t Barry or Mitt, it’s James Cameron. Just a thought, people, just a thought. I had never heard of “Honey Boo-Boo” before last night, they said it so many times I said to hubby; “Is this a real thing?”

Sure enough…it is.

O-M-G! Are we really THAT bad? Are we really THAT fucked???

Holy shit!

Yeah come Election Day vote for James Cameron!

As much as I wanted, I just couldn’t stay up late enough to see what Jon Stewart had to say about the whole thing.

This morning GMA informed me that this was the ‘most tweeted about debate’.


They were throwing around numbers like ‘17,000 tweets about Big Bird during the debate’.


Hey! America! How about you put down the cell phone, step away from the computer, and WATCH the friggin’ thing? When it’s over or you’ve taken as much as you can stomach then you can take to Twitter. How lonely and self-absorbed are we that we think our every thought should be sent out to the entire world the second we have it? I don’t get it.

Yeah, more political bullshit showed up in Facebook feed this morning but I didn’t pass it along. Barry and Mitt are politicians; by the very definition that makes them liars, sound bite spinners, snappy dressers, and all around…umm….jackasses. It’s just a question of which nicely dressed lying jackass you like better.

That’s all.

Nice ties though very poignant.

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