The Day After

Well, yesterday was my 46th birthday! Yeah, no, I’m still not really enjoying this Getting Older thing. I know, it’s better than the alternative but still…not a lot of fun.🙂

In celebration of that event, Miss Nicole brought me a nice bottle of wine and a box of dark chocolates, Miss Rebecca made me a lemon cake and took care of most dinner, my hubby brought me two new mum plants. It was a very nice day made better by the fact that I like to share. I posted on my FB pages that if anyone wanted any of my books they could have them FREE yesterday. I was able to give away 40 copies! I was zinging emails left and right most of the afternoon🙂 Very busy. Very fun. I’m glad I did it. I made some new ‘friends’ and picked up some new ‘fans’. I hope everyone will enjoy the books they asked for.

Yes, I’ll do it again next year. I do this 3-4 times a year without warning so if you want free copies ‘friend’ me on FB or become a ‘fan’. Next flash-giveaway will be on Halloween. The one after that will be right around Yuletide. Just so ya know.😉

I also spent some time on the New London Patch where I discovered the biggest problem currently facing my little city is NOT our non-existent budget it’s whether or not we can keep the Irish Parade…formerly known as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I have no idea why they changed the name since they always have it ON St. Patrick’s Day, which is stupid as hell to begin with. I haven’t been able to go one of them because they tend to take place on a working day in the early to mid-afternoon. If you want to have a parade, I’m all in favor, but having it on a Saturday or a Sunday when most people can actually go to it with their families is probably a better idea. Anyway they’re all up in arms over there about this thing. Ridiculous. This is how we get into trouble in the first place we let little piss-ant ‘problems’ distract us from the Mt. Olympus sized problems we really do have. If the Irish Parade has to find another city, so what? Yes, I’m Irish and I love St. Patrick’s Day but I love lower taxes more. So, that’s that.

Then they had an article over there touting that short sales of houses are up. Really? That’s something to croon over? Nah. I don’t think so. So I went into that thread and lobbed in my opinion on the Bottom Feeders who do this shit…caused a bit of a stir. hehehe. They ARE Bottom Feeders and if they can’t take that fact maybe they should try swimming more toward the top of the ocean. Anyone who profits off someone else’s misery, especially on a regular basis so that this is the way they make their living, is a Bottom Feeder, a leech, a Mameluke, a slippery eel, and a Dirty Old Egg Suckin’ Dog. The houses they’re bitching about that were in ‘terrible shape’ before some Bottom Feeder came and ‘flipped’ them (WORST kind of Bottom Feeder you can possibly be, btw) the answer to that is simple; Blame the bank. They took it over, they took it away from the owner probably over bullshit reasons, and then THE BANK let it SIT there rotting on its foundation until said Bottom Feeder came along. Ask me I know. That’s exactly what happened to the house next door to me. Yes, there is a special type of Karmic Payback just waiting for all those ‘flippers’. Yes, oh yes, there is.

Last night was pretty much free of any Election Season crap. I got to watch Person of Interest and only be slightly annoyed by Aunty Linda and Chris Murphy, that was nice. I love that show. I think Michael Emmerson has got to be one talented actor. I loved to hate…I waited for him!…every single week when he was Benny-Boy on LOST and now…every single week…I root for him as Harold Finch. Of course Jim Caviezel ain’t bad either😉 Yummy. Very yummy.

After that my husband had sex with a 46 year-old woman for the first time in his life and it was a grand celebration. hahaha

Now it’s time to work. I’ll get back to “Rising Son” this afternoon. Alena and Rose are having a little adventure that’s turning out nicely. I may finish this sucker on time after all just not in the way I had anticipated but that’s the way it always goes. Fine by me. So as long as we type ‘The End’ and keep going…soon…I’ll be happy.

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  1. Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday yesterday. mmmmmmmm wine! What kind did you get? I have 11 more months until I can drink a nice glass or bottle of wine lol.

  2. I missed your birthday!😦 I feel bad! HAPPY LATE BIRTHAY, LISA!!! I’ll keep my eye open on Halloween. I think the only book I’m missing from you is the suspense one you put out not too long ago.

    • Thank you! I’m sorry but “OBSESSION” is not available right now. I put it out and realized soon after that it was premature so I pulled it. I’m going to get back to it one day! I like the story and I want to put it out again but Ares is in the way at the moment🙂

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