The Real Legacy of Linda McMahon–Beyond the Mat

Committed suicide after killing his entire family during a severe episode of ‘Roid Rage.

Murdered by her husband, WWF Super Star Chris Benoit

Murdered by his father, WWF Super Star Chris Benoit

Died from an overdose of pain killers he was taking for injuries suffered during his wrestling career

Died of a heart attack attributed to over use of steroids

Died of heart failure due to extended/over use of steroids

Randy “Macho Man” Savage is pictured here with his first wife “Miss Elizabeth”. Randy died of a massive heart attack brought on by over use/abuse of steroids. “Miss Elizabeth” died from a mixture of pain killers and alcohol.

Died for your entertainment in an WWF stunt gone horribly wrong. Died in front of millions of people on pay-per-view

Died of a massive heart attack brought on by the use of steroids

Died from an overdose of pain killers due to injuries he suffered while part of the WWF. Also found with steroids by his bed.

Died of a heart attack attributed to overuse of steroids

If you still think Linda McMahon has your best interest at heart after this…you have no heart. I pity you.

There are well over 100 other wrestlers, some famous, some infamous, some you never heard of because they died before they could become well-known. Linda McMahon is a user, an abuser, and a taker. She was the LARGEST employer of “Independent Contractors” (ie WWF SuperStars) in the State of Connecticut for over a decade. She offered her wrestlers NO insurance. NO benefits. Took NO taxes out of their pay. Paid NO Unemployment tax for them. Paid NO Medicare/Social Security tax for them. She DID NOT test for steroids or any other illicit substances, in fact, the use of steroids in the WWF/WWE was encouraged as it made the wrestlers bigger and badder, which brought sold more tickets, filled more seats, and sold more swag. When they couldn’t wrestle anymore she just let them go to live lonely lives of depression and isolation. She WILL do the same to YOU and the entire State of Connecticut. It was only AFTER the big sex and steroid scandal of the 1980’s that Linda McMahon even considered cleaning up her act. Had it not been for that it would have ‘business as usual’. While she ‘almost went bankrupt’ that was only because she and her husband inherited, what was a rather small but lucrative ‘family business’ and turned it into a corrupt cash cow. Only when it backfired on her did she change course. She did NOT lose her house. She did NOT pay back her creditors in full. She WILL walk all over YOU to get whatever SHE wants.

Don’t forget that fact!

Don’t forget the good men, women, and some of their family members, who died because of Linda McMahon’s callousness, coldness, and just plain ME ME ME Attitude.

Wrestling is SUPPOSED TO BE for fun and entertainment.

Politics is not.

Keep Linda in the wrestling ring and out of Congress!

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  1. Im afraid its just not that simple. Youre not a fan of the WWE like i am and have been for a very long time. Theres alot of factors in there you didnt mention. Like the Wellness program that cost the WWE some top talent for sticking to its guns. And alot of these people make personal choices. My fave of all time is Shawn Micheals, and Vince gave him chance after chance, and finally, Shawn got clean of his painkillers and got back in the ring. Then theres Randy Orton, Big Show, Rey Mysterio. OH, and the time that the WWE wanted the “hardest edge” was in the Attitude Era and that had nothing to DO with being the beefiest, it had to do with being the most entertaining. Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H (whos now the COO and husband of Lindas daughter Stephanie). The facts look bad only to outsiders. Its easy to trot out Beniot and blame that on the WWE, but he was doing the flying headbutt move for ten years before signing on with them. In the end Lis, trust me, you cant simplify the WWE no matter how hard you try. Im not on the Linda bandwagon, although I have met her several times through my grandmother, whos BFF is the Danburys probate judge. I dont agree with her platform, but I dont think Murphys got it all either. Dont judge a company by the news reports. Theres a whole other side.


    • No Ry. I am a fan of the WWWF/WWF/WWE. I grew up on it. I LOVED it. My husband LOVED it. My kids LOVED it. When Vince, Sr was in charge, you could go to the beach 2 miles down the road and watch Chief Jay Strongbow or Sargent Slaughter wrestle…FREE. You could see them at Grasso Tech for $5.00! I know the actual history of this ‘home town’ organization quite well. All of the wrestlers you mention came to the WWF and to fame AFTER the massive sex/steroid scandal of the 80s when the McMahon’s (Vince, Jr. and Linda by this time) were publicly embarrassed into changing their ways. Or at least into making us think they had done so.

      The wrestling event in which Owen Hart fell to his death was the very first pay-per-view event we ever watched. Although I know the old saying: The Show Must Go On, when it did go on we turned it off. It was in horrible taste to continue that event but not doing so would have resulted in a huge loss of revenue. When one of your stars dies on stage it’s time to close the curtain.

      The fact remains that Linda McMahon and Vince, Jr. USED those men and women for every last drop they could get out of them and then they threw them away like yesterday’s garbage. They only reached out to those they were fairly certain would fatten their wallets if they could get them ‘clean’ and back in the ring. The others died lonely deaths. That’s the fate that awaits the citizens of the State of Connecticut; a long, slow, gruesome, painful death.

      I’m not a huge fan of Chris Murphy but I know it will be a tragedy for the entire country if Linda McMahon rises to any level of power that doesn’t include wrestling oil.

  2. Youre right, you could go to the shows….my Grandpa did….that was before my time. ALOT of shit changed in the late 80s early 90s. Did you know that on the day Owen died, he was trying aq modified version of Shawns entrence from WM 12? But instead of a zipline, they were using a zipCORD. Owen was nervous about it all day. At the last minute, Vince told him he didnt have to do it and his words were, and Im paraphrasing here, something to the affect of he wasnt gonna flake on anything that Shawn could do. The Hart family and Shawn had been at each others throats for years. And Vince also was gonna cancel the show, but his advisors and the FCC told him to go on with it, because of potential lawsuits that would come from loss of money due to people already paying for the event. But think on this…Vince and Linda were the first to come up with the idea of going overseas to see the troops, Vince himself put his own ass on the line several times. Wanna know a secret about every wrestler you mentioned other than Beniot and Eddie? They were ALL members of WCW when they went bad, and that includes Miss Elizabeths lover Lex Lugar. Hell, he was the first defector during the Monday night wars. Eddies death has NEVER been proven to be linked to steriods, and his wife Vicki still works for the WWE. Every Monday. Shes Dolph Zigglers valet. I dont think they really used anyone. What happened is what happens in any company. You have times when things get out of control. The scandal in the 80s, hell, every athelete was using, it didnt come to light as a problem UNTILL Hulk Hogan got pulled into it and pretty much bullied into confessing to what wasnt really there. And he dissappeared for a long time after that, only to reappear on WCW in 1996. Alot of the people you named ended up the trash of Eric Bischoff, that scumbag…boy did HE ever know how to use people. The last time anyone ever say macho man or liz they were both members of the NWO. Im not questioning your knowledge of what went on in certain times, but the Monday Night Wars, the Attitude Era, and everything after that are things that made me a fan. I hated Nitro, I was a WWE loyalist. Even now, one of Vinces biggest moneymakers, Jeff Hardy ended up on TNA because he couldnt get his shit together. I dont know if Linda will make a good congresswoman, but I also dont think she should be judged by anything that went on in the WWE. Seperate them, because I do. She left the WWE to do this, and I said we should give her a fair shake. Aint like shes Kenneth lay for Goddess sake! Her platform should be her judgment mark……not her husbands company. Im not saying Im all for her platform, but I do seperate it. Got to, otherwise we arent seeing if Linda would make a good congresswoman,,,,,were seeing if the WWE would.


    • The question is: Do you want someone like her representing YOU?

      My answer: Hell no!

      There is no separating Linda McMahon from the WWF/WWE other than in the eyes of fools (I’m not personally calling you a fool). A leopard may change it’s hunting patterns but it’s still a hunter and it never changes its spots. Nothing you said up there makes either of them look good/kind/caring/compassionate. It’s all motivated by money. I’ve got enough people in Congress (and just in the world in general) who are motivated by nothing more than money. I don’t need any more. WE don’t need any more people like that. Linda McMahon does not want to help the middle class. I am not buying her Grandmotherly act. She’s a user and she’ll go to whatever lengths she has to, put on any show she deems necessary, throw up smoke and illusions just to get what she wants. She’s got a lot of practice doing it.

      Like I said: Hell no!

  3. Just so we’re clear here….the WCW and the ECW are owned by Vince and Linda McMahon.

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