I Miss Rome

Let’s get this out of the way first; No. I am soooo not watching the Vice-Presidential Debate tonight. They’re like McMahon and Murphy, I really can’t stand either one of ’em. So I’m not going to force myself to stomach Biden and Ryan tonight although I am hoping it ends before “Person of Interest” comes on. Blondie got bumped Sunday night for some stupid football game or something! Grrrrr….I was so pissed! I waited up until 10 on a Sunday, turned to channel 3 and got “The Good Wife”.


I suffered about ten minutes of it, was told Blondie would be on ‘after your local news’ and shut off the TV. Luckily! CBS.com put the whole episode online and I was able to watch it Monday. Last year they only had clips of Blondie but this year it seems they’re going with full shows, which is nice especially since freakin’ Football Season ain’t goin’ no where right now. Blondie’s gonna get bumped a lot, you watch, you wait, you’ll see. Who do I write to so I can get him back on Thursdays at 10pm?๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, I will force myself to stomach at least the next hour of the upcoming 2nd Presidential Debate. I wish I ran these things. I really do. Here’s my idea of a Presidential/I-Wanna-Be-In-Charge Debate….especially where two males are vying for the job. Walk in, have your stats read (age, weight, height, education, military service, work history, income bracket, political affiliation), they get to say ‘hello’ to the folks, shake hands. Then they have 30 minutes to tell me what THEY are going TO DO for ME. Ready…go. (Other guy shuts up, no interruption, no rebuttals at this point.) After that they have a half hour to ‘match wits’ Now, since most of us will get popcorn and/or go to the bathroom at this point we’re gonna make it interesting for the Home Audience. No bullshit. No dickin’ around (at this point). Every lie results in an immediate electric shock which increases in strength with each lie told–we’ll get those electronic dog collars for them, one red and one blue, they can wear those instead of ties. Instead of ‘fact checkers’ we’ll just hook ’em up to lie detectors that will pass a good jolt through them every time a falsehood is detected.

The above procedure should be followed for EVERY election from local to federal. The rest….well….you can institute them as you like but, in Aunty’s Moon World, they are MANDATORY for all Presidential Candidates who make this far.

After the Lightning Round it’s off to the Squared Circle for a short but intense 15 minute cage match–covered cage, no climbing out. No holds barred. None. We’ll throw in a few items, hang ’em high up so they have to climb for them. Obligatory steel chair. Rope. Thumb tacks. Baseball bat. No chain saw, though I do like that idea. (I’m a writer! I LOVE that idea hahaha)

Last one standing wins or if they both make it through the 15 minutes we’ll have Celebrity Judges who can say who they think ‘won’ that part of the event.

Gonna get a lot of groans here but that’s ok. Now we’re at the last round of the evening. Since this REALLY IS what all of the bullshit comes down to; they’re gonna stand in the steel cage and drop ’em. Let’s find out, once and for all, without a shadow of a doubt just whose is bigger. Not allotting for stage fright in cases of shrinkage.

What kind of ratings do you think that Presidential Debate will get? In a land of ‘Honey Boo-Boo’, I’m thinkin’ they’ll be off the charts.๐Ÿ™‚

Man…there’s a book in that, isn’t there? Yep, I think there really is. hahaha.

Yeah, it was a long day at the office, can ya tell? While I went about my job and finally managed to get the database to print the letters AND the mailing labels correctly! (OH THANK GOD!) I sent out right around 200 ‘you got problems, buddy’ letters…everything else has STOPPED. Just come to a dead halt. Frozen. There is nothing but the Chris Murphy Campaign anymore. You should see the literature that pouring in now! Holy shit! Leaflets and packets and signs and…lemme outta here! ARGH!

I didn’t know what to expect on a political level when I went to work for the union. I knew it would be different then my little law office. For some reason, I had it stuck in my head that I was going to be working for and with a whole bunch of ‘Archie Bunkers’. Yes, I know, that’s bad! In my own defense, I was totally ignorant of unions and just how they work. No, I still haven’t found Jimmy Hoffa…he’s gotta be around somewhere๐Ÿ™‚ So, when, like, Election Season started rolling around and they were suddenly pushing all of the Democrats I was dumbfounded, confused, perplexed. It took a while before I realized that I work for/with a lot of people who are a lot like…me. They all hate Wal-Mart! YEAH! They don’t like Apple! WOOT! They think Chick-Fil-A is full of shit! OH JOY!

Some days, my job actually makes me think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Seriously, it does.

Ever since Wal-Mart moved in my area of CT I have refused to shop there. Everybody I’ve ever come across thinks I’m nuts for my stance on Wal-Mart. They don’t understand why I won’t shop there. Why don’t I want to Save Money. Live Better. There must be something wrong with me!

So Murphy and McMahon are debating again tonight, this time at UCONN and there’s gonna be a rally. Murphy and McMahon are actually coming to My Town USA on the 15th and there’s gonna be a big rally! I might go to that one. Not as a union member, obviously, and I would not like to hold a Murphy sign. I think, maybe a big piece of poster board with a headstone reading; RIP and then the names and dates of my favorite departed wrestlers. I can stand out there and chant; Suey! Suey! (gruntgruntgrunt) Here Linda, Linda, here Linda, Linda. Suey! Suey! Or maybe just play “Don’t Fear the Reaper” over and over on a loop really loud.

hahahahahaha….I crack myself up sometimes.๐Ÿ™‚

Part of me loves sniping at that bitch, it really does, I have to admit that. BUT I don’t really like Chris Murphy. Maybe the guy just has a lousy PR Team. Aunty Linda got herself a better one on this trip around the Senate Block. Her ads and campaign against Blumenthal were just disgusting. They were piggish. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of Vote for Linda POSs that showed up in my mail box on a daily basis. It was staggering.

Still, Murphy’s got problems. I think his main problem is that he is a lot like you and me. Murphy faced Foreclosure just like a lot of other people did. Murphy got taken to court over it just like a lot of other people did. He pulled his ass out of the fire and refinanced, a lot of people were unable to do that, that’s true. But a good deal of other, a little better off maybe savvier, people were also able to do that. Murphy did not personally hand his bank a 400million dollar check during the ‘bailouts’, they were part of it with a lot of other banks. Yeah, no, I’m still not in favor of that….pfffffft.

The ads I hate the most are the ones Murphy can’t really defend against. They start with Aunty Linda sympathetically telling you Chris Murphy is…well, ya know what, here take a look for yourself. Even if you’re not in CT gimme the 33 seconds, huh? Humor me. Please?

Sweet Grandmotherly Linda. Nice ad, huh?

My favorite part is; “But, Chris, I am a woman.”

Yeah, so are Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Anne Coulter and a bunch of other women who would dearly love to see my and your ‘female rights’ repealed. Just because one IS a woman doesn’t mean that one is PRO woman. If she were then they might not be fighting so hard to keep certain WWF/WWE wrestling clips off YouTube and other places. Hey! Aunty Linda, no matter what you do, you cannot erase the past, especially not in the Age of the Internet. Just quit trying, face it, live up to it, own it. It’s yours after all. Those benefits were offered only after the world went; You made how much last year and those guys don’t have health insurance? These guys, the ones getting beat up night after night to put people in the seats and money in your pocket? Whatsupwitdat?

Then…abracadabra…health insurance.

Geez, ya know, maybe we should outlaw the use of PR firms during elections. What do you think? Make those running come up with their own shit. Their own logo/colors/slogan. Do it your damn self. I mean, ya know, what kind of world is it when, at the end of the day, who wins an election all comes down which one has the better PR firm? Whooo, that’s sad. Scary too!

Yeah, and one more thing, we should pass a law requiring all political bullshit buttons/signs/shirts/flyers to be Made in the USA. You wanna campaign for a job here? Make your shit here. Show me you actually give a damn about me and not the bottom line.

In any event, we’ve got LESS THAN 30 DAYS to go! We can put this bullshit behind us and get on to new bullshit!


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