Getting Closer

25 Days!


As promised, I did not watch the VP Debate last night. I also did not watch the Murphy/McMahon debate last night. I was treated to about ten minutes of each as that was all I could take. Did they really have to and put those two debates back-to-back? I don’t know anyone who owns waders that high and that sturdy that they could slug through that much bullshit for 4 hours.

What I caught of our dear McMahon/Murphy debate just made me shake my head. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights, she sounds like a cleverly programmed robot.

What I caught of the VP debate left me feeling much the same way. But mainly, I just couldn’t stop thinking; Does that guy look like ‘Eddie Munster’ or what???

While the thought made me giggle, I couldn’t help but wonder if that was just me. I Googled ‘Eddie Munster’….know what I got? Pictures of Paul Ryan! OH! It’s NOT just me this time🙂 I know, usually it is, I know. But not this time! Here let me demonstrate


I always wondered what happened to ‘Eddie’. If he grew up, got married, had a family. Looks like he did. I’m guessing this makes Paul Ryan ‘Eddie Munsters’ grandson (ok, maybe great-grandson, sometimes I forget just how old I am.)

Looking forward to a blissful weekend away from politics. Just me and the keyboard. I gotta get movin’ again. We were doin’ so well there for many days but we hit another little bump. Now we have to get chugging along again.

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  1. Huh, I use to think he was good lookin but now I see the light. Plus, those are some really bad pictures of him, lol.

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