Monday-Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

You have to read the title of this post in your best ‘Ring Announcer’s’ voice. So…try it again if you have to.🙂

I got into work, bright and early, 7:40 like always and there were already people here! WTF? I walk in there’s four or five guys sitting around jabbering and then I realize they’re getting ready for rally/debate tonight. At 7:40am! Oh my! They’ve got Chris Murphy shirts and Union Shirts (those are nice, I’d like to get one of those!), signs, posters, they’re goin’ all out. Gods bless ’em. The funny thing is, the only rally cry seems to be; We Hate Linda. hahaha It’s not really; We Love Chris. Nope. It’s not. We all seem to agree that getting stuck with Aunty Linda would be a disaster for everyone.

They’re already calling in left and right to say they’re going tonight. This will probably be the way the rest of the day does only I suspect it will get busier as we go along. By the time I leave at 2pm it should really be getting cookin’ around here. It’s fun to watch anyway, I have to say that, it is fun to watch. And help, yes, of course I lend a hand where I’m needed/wanted.

I got some really good news where my Promo Wheel is concerned; I’m going to be in two issues of that upcoming e-Mag! Woot! I’ll be in the January issue for Indie Authors with the full page for “Heart” along with a review for it and, most likely, for “Child” was well. Then I’ll be in the February issue for the Mythology Authors with a two-page layout and a review for “Rising Son”. Not bad for $40.00, huh?! No, I didn’t ‘pay’ for the reviews or the two-page feature. One review comes with the ad and, because they like me and consider me a ‘featured author’ they’re willing to review the others without buying ad space. They actually approached me on the feature article. I gotta say, it is really nice to finally have a friend on the ‘inside’! This will be my first foray into anything not strictly web-related as far as promo goes. It could be big. It probably won’t but it could be and that’s the important part. It can’t hurt anyway.

Since there’s a new independent book store opening up downtown, I think I will drop them an email today and see if I can get some shelf space. I’ll buy the books and they can put them on the shelves or they can buy the books…that’d be nice instead of doing it in a consignment manner. Either way, I’d like to get on their shelves with the OF WAR Series and some of my non-fiction stuff too. They’ll probably like “The Shame of Eminent Domain–Fort Trumbull”. That’d be funny, huh? Me on a shelf in a brick and mortar bookstore? That’s a hoot! If it happens, I’ll have to take a picture to post here.

In the Really Good News Department, an old friend has approached me about editing “Rising Son”. I was so hoping she would want to do it because she did an awesome job for me on “Child” but her life has been hectic lately and I didn’t want to impose. When I got her email yesterday I was very excited. Still am! So firming up plans there and hopefully I’ll send her the first 20-25 chapters by the end of the day so she can get a jump on them.

We are very much nearing The End of this. We had an awesomely wicked thought last night! DOTGers will recognize it instantly when they read it but, since we’ve basically got a whole new audience, most people won’t know. But they’ll gasp, scream, cry, and say; You son of a bitch! Right out loud…hehehe. Gotta get a bottle of wine for that but it’s gonna be gooood.

Right now it’s back to Linda and Chris! Woot woot!

Hey! Any chance we get Benedict Arnold to come back TONIGHT? Ya know, while there in their matching their slim wits? Shhhhhhh. We can get ’em both and start over again! Maybe get someone good. Whadayasay?


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