The Big Rally

Let me just start this post with;

What a freakin’ ZOO!

Phew…I feel better already.šŸ™‚

I knew I was going to be asked to go photograph the Big Rally for the Union and I had every intention of saying ‘no’. In my own defense, I’m not a big Murphy supporter, I don’t like to leave my house after 6pm, I hate going downtown at night, I don’t like going out alone, and I certainly don’t want to go out after 6pm and head downtown into a political crowd in the cool of the evening. Alone!

Then my boss looked at me and said; “We were hoping you’d go tonight and take pictures. You can use our camera.”

I can’t say no to him. I just can’t do it. He looks and sounds almost exactly like my Grandpa so, nope, there’s no saying ‘no’. I did say ‘no’ to one small thing but not out loud I just left the office camera in its cozy little spot and brought my own with me instead. I figured it would be a good idea if I got a jump on dinner so I did but it wasn’t enough of a jump. My hubby came home and told me it was getting busy downtown. I looked at the clock, it wasn’t nearly 5 yet and I knew ‘my guys’ weren’t making their way down there until then. I figured I’d try to finish up dinner. As I was cooking the onions, peppers, and mushrooms hubby called to me from the living room; “Pooh-Bah! Hey Bethie! You better get in here!”

WTNH was broadcasting the Big Event LIVE from Beautiful Downtown New London. I looked at the video and went; “Awwwww…shit! What did I get myself into?”

Didn’t get to eat. I finished cooking and took off for downtown. It was mobbed but I’m a local and, luckily for me, the Big Event was just outside the door to my old office. I parked in the nearly empty Homeless Hospitality Center’s parking lot. This would be….I dunno….100 feet directly behind the starting point of the Big Event. I opened the car door and swore I was at a rock concert! It was sooooo LOUD! The roar of the people up on Huntington and State streets was nearly deafening. I almost got back in the car and left. Then I saw two of ‘my guys’ and basically followed them up the hill and around the corner.

I was dumbfounded by the noise and the crowd. I lost the two guys I was tagging along with as I wandered up to the Big Event saying to myself; Carpenter shirt, just find a fucking Carpenter shirt! You’ll be ok, just find one.

Here let me give you a peek

The Day informed me there were 1,400 people downtown last night. Each one of them whopping, hollering, screaming, chanting, and just making a general pain in the ass out of themselves. I swear it was like being surrounded by a really big kindergarten class with no teacher. That goes for both ‘sides’ and it’s not an insult to either side, it’s just an observation. And, I have since been told, this is the way one is supposed to behave at one of these things.



Oh, yeah, have I told you that I’ve never been to one of these things? Well, I haven’t. I gotta say it’s probably something everyone should experience once in their lives because it’s really quite ‘something’. Whether or not you wanna go for two is entirely up to you.šŸ™‚

I wandered a bit through the throng of people and I finally saw a Carpenters Shirt. I didn’t recognize the guy in it but he was standing with a small group of guys I did recognize and I just made a beeline straight for them. I took their pictures. I started wandering around and suddenly guys were coming up to me; Hey! I know you! Don’t I know you?

Yeah, man, you’re just not used to seeing me without the glass window in front of me! LOL Several times I said; Yes, you know me from the Union Hall. (I began to feel a little like Bruce Springsteen, a little more so each time I said it.) They were all smiles and happily let me take their pictures for display on the Union website. I felt very welcome and, as I got more into the crowd, everywhere I looked I saw a Carpenter’s Shirt and even if I didn’t recognize the guy in it I knew the guy standing next to him. That went a tremendous way towards easing my anxiety at being in the crowd, in downtown New London, ‘alone’, after dark.

‘My guys’ built the stage you see in the pictures above. They worked all day on that. ‘My guys’ made the big Murphy signs

They worked their butts off for this thing. This was a big to-do. So, since they built the stage, they had the stage and there were Unions from all over CT represented. They’re up there with bull horns and they’re shouting out to the crowd all types of ugly-but-true things about Linda McMahon. Most notable for me was the fact that she bused a lot of ‘her people’ in and the Average Working Joe on ‘my side’ was very upset that she used buses from NEW YORK. She’d rather save a penny then a give a CT Bus Driver a job! They all cheered. Sad thing is, she would rather save a penny then give a CT Bus Driver a job even for the night.

I thought that was funny. Yeah, the comment and the picture. Wish I could have gotten better shots of the big blow-up characters but they were not well placed for photographing.

And a strange thing started to happen to me as I wandered around taking my pictures. I got caught up in the Mob Mentality for a few moments. That’s never happened to me outside a rock concert. I can better see how, sometimes, things get rather heated and fights break out. No, we didn’t have any of that last night but I can see how it starts. The more I got into the groove of being surrounded by so many…lively…individuals who were also on ‘my side’ the more comfortable I became, the more secure, and with the music pumping and the people shouting it was quite thrilling maybe even falsely empowering. Anyway, it’s damn weird. I actually found myself CHEERING for my illustrious Mayor AND for Chris Murphy.


I don’t dislike either one of these guys but I can’t say as I really like them either.

The moment everyone on the ‘right’ side of Huntington Street had been waiting for finally arrived. Chris Murphy and his…entourage…came walking up State Street past the throngs of people cheering and booing. He walked right past me, I’ve never been that close to an in-office politician in my life! My Mayor introduced him and then Chris Murphy took the microphone.

I don’t know if it’s that Mob Mentality or what but, as I said, I found myself cheering and you can hear it on the video.

Ok, you don’t have to watch all 6 minutes of it. Just give me the first 30 seconds so you can watch him walk in. Something else you can hear on the video is the ROAR from the crowd on the ‘other side’. You would have thought you were at a WWE Event! It was a little nuts.

Anyway, after Murphy finished his speech I left. I figured I’d done my job for the night and I wandered away from the crowd to make my way back home.

Leaving all of them to whoop, holler, scream, whine, and stamp their collective feet as they shouted; “Hooray For Our Side”. Which some of them haven’t been able to stop doing today! Check it out New London Patch Article. This article is on a totally unrelated subject but a few absolute dickish whining assholes have made it about ‘my guys’ and the freakin’ Irish Day Parade. They’re really just too-too much.

The Day also informed me that while 1,400 may have gathered on the streets only around 700 went in for the debate and it was…boisterous. Yep, they told me there were several interruptions/yelling/shouting/booing/cheers/jeers. I guess all anyone needed was a free flowing keg to turn it into a right fine ho-down. They also informed me that McMahon lost badly.

Awwwww….poor Aunty Linda.

Before we say ‘good-bye’ for the day, I’m going to show you just one picture of some of ‘my guys’. Just one. If you want to see the others you’ll have to hit the Union Web Site…more pics and vids! Don’t miss the rapper on “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night!” hooo

Anyway…. Everybody meet Bob and Chris, my bosses.

So if they come up again in Ye Olde Blog you know who I’m talking about.

LESS THAN THREE WEEKS TO GO PEOPLE!!! We’ll make it…I swear.

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  1. Bon Jovi? Really? I mean………really?


  2. lol i love ya sis and loved the bag pipe music, the lil red all caught up in the energy bwhahahahahaa would have horrible if yer union was on linda’s side huh?

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