So, we were cruising along yesterday after being stuck for a day. I thought I jumped the gun and I did but not where I thought. So We went back, yanked out two or three pages, and started again. We did much better! We’re filling Raven in on just who he is and who his mother is. (Not a bad idea before we send him off to war.) We were cruising along finally telling the tale of how Ares came to know the location of the Dark Kingdom and why he’s never said anything…it’s pretty cool, I like it anyway. We get up to him being ‘imprisoned’ by the Fae for a short time and, well, he’s screwed everything that’s ever come his way so we thought we’d toss in that he had a little fling with Shar Draíocht–that was a new idea but I liked it.

Obviously it wasn’t a new idea to The Big Guy. No. Not at all.

So, we did a little research and settled on Ares discovering the Dark Kingdom after a battle between Scot and English (he was on the English side). I knew I had earlier written that Shar Draíocht died in 1650 so I wanted to use the Battle of Dunbar–real family ties, I always like to use them when/wherever possible. The timing wasn’t right so we went with something else.

I’m typing away, the tale plays out, and I’ve got the next scene rolling around in my head…prison sex! LOL Suddenly my heart stopped and I realized just exactly where we were going with this.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

No! Go! Go! Go!

No! Wait! We can’t do this!!


Because they’ll fucking HATE it! What? Are you trying to get me crucified? You remember what happened LAST time? This ain’t fanfiction, buddy. We cannot do this.

Oh, I see. And I was under the impression we were writing this for US not for THEM. We were doing it OUR way. Not THEIR way.

Yeah, OUR way but….

This IS our way.


Now, now, I keep telling you there is a REASON I hang out with you.

Yeah, cuz you can’t get anyone else to do this for you!

I stopped writing. Hubby came home anyway so it was, unfortunately, time to put it away for the rest of the day. But, I knew since it made my heart stop, it would make other people’s hearts stop too. If it grabbed me by the throat it would grab them by them by the throat. So once I let it settle and once we discussed it some more and found a way to soften it a tad…I think we’ll go with it. If “they” can’t handle it then…tough titty said the kitty. No refunds.

Time is getting short, every hour that goes by I hear the clock tick a little louder. I managed to get the first 3/4 of it off to my friend yesterday. At least that part will be nicely edited and proof read! The rest may end up being ‘hot off the presses’. So, today we’ll write the new throat-grabber. Try to find a way to soften it after impact. He’s settled on letting me tell Alena that it’s not definite but the reader will know otherwise. He’s also settled on not being ‘the first’ so we can throw in the idea that maybe he wasn’t ‘the last’ either. He wants me to pump her up a little bit. He keeps saying;

She was a Queen!

That means she can have all of the guys she wants and not be a ‘slut’.😉

I kept coming back to one simple thing; You’d smell it on her. You would have known years and years ago.

All I smell on her, other than me, is honeysuckle


I’m gonna get killed! Well, at least, after this we’ll probably know who’s a real ‘fan’ and who isn’t. Sales for the next book may tank big-time if we can’t find a way to do it right. I think I’m gonna need a big bottle of wine. I know Alena will probably need a Valium or something. 🙂

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  1. Kristina Haecker

    Another great blog post, Lisa!🙂 I get more excited each day for the release of this book! And I hardly doubt anyone will hate anything you write and if they do, they aren’t fit to read your books!😉

  2. LMAO! I think I can read an entire book on you just argueing with your characters (especially Ares)! Keep up the good work🙂

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