A Tasty Weekend

So much to talk about today but let’s start with food! Hubby and I had a Gorge-Yourself-Weekend and we haven’t done that in a while. About the middle of last week one of my bosses came in with donuts. That’s nothing new except this time they weren’t from Dunkin’ Donuts. My boss kept saying; “You have to try one of these.”

I love donuts. I really do.

So, after a little bit, I couldn’t resist and I grabbed the ‘lowest calorie’ donut in the box; glazed. YUM-EEE. Oh it was so good! Much better than Dunkin’ Donuts, so much so that I raved to my hubby about them the rest of the week. On Saturday we got up, drove out to East Lyme and went to the Flander’s Donut Shop.

Heaven. Simply heaven.

We got a dozen and on our way back, since he’d been talking about cupcakes for days, we stopped at the Cake Lady here in New London and got a dozen cupcakes. My favorites are the pistachio cupcakes with almond filling. To Die For! I admit I hadn’t been in that store…ever. Well, not since she opened it. It used to be the Card n’ Party Shop and my mother did a lot of business with them. And, for all the years of my life up until she died, everyone called my mother ‘The Cake Lady’ so I was kinda miffed at the name of the shop. (Yes, I know that’s stupid.) Nice shop. Nice people. Great cup cakes.

Saturday afternoon he made chicken salad and we sat around in the evening stuffing our faces and watching TV. If that wasn’t bad enough, last night we went to Moe’s. I’d never heard of Moe’s until hubby came into my work one day with a chicken taco for me and started raving about the place. He described it as being Subway for Tacos.

Oh joy!

The place is pretty cool. The food is way better than Taco Bell and the atmosphere’s nice too.

Do I feel like a whale this morning? Oh you bet I do. One great big happy whale! LOL

It’s a good thing we don’t do stuff like that too often.๐Ÿ™‚

So, if you’re ever in the area that’s Flander’s Donut Shop/Bakery in East Lyme, the Cake Lady in New London, and Moe’s in Waterford.

I also had a good writing weekend. We must have knocked outa good 20-30 pages this weekend. We even got to that throat-grabber and past it. Since we waited so long to do it, it’s not a throat-grabber anymore…or I’m just accustomed to it already, take your pick. I think we managed to do it tastefully and most readers won’t understand until Raven actually says it. If it goes that way that’ll be good I think people will be more accepting of it. We didn’t keep it a secret, Alena knows. In fact that little Fey knows a lot of shit! I found that out too. So now we’re off to War. At least for a little bit. We won’t be able to put the world back together but maybe we can stop it from descending into total chaos. Maybe. We’ll try. Got a few things to blow up anyway. Then it’s back to the island; 3 dying women, 1 sick Ares, and 1 hell of a barter with Apollo to save the Big Guy’s life. Then we’re almost at the end…or closer to it anyway. We may make this deadline. We really might. If I just buckle down the rest of the week and keep pushing we should do all right. Cross your fingers for me anyway, huh?

I guess the fact that hubby made me watch “300” yesterday doesn’t hurt much. I hate that movie….let me say that again…I truly truly hate that movie. The best thing about it is the costumes but most of the men should have been shot solely from the neck DOWN. Sorry, Gerard. I know, I know, there’s a lot of women who think he’s ‘hot’ but, for me, the only person I could find less appealing than Gerard Butler would probably be Billy Bob Thornton. (I said I was sorry!)

Still, it does throw a bit of Ancient Greece at me at a time when I could use the influx I’d just rather it came in the body of Brad Pitt…reow. Nope, he’s not the World’s Best Actor; “What’s in the box???” but he sure is easy on the eyes.

In Political News; between 2010 and 2012 Linda McMahon has spent 78 million dollars in her quest to buy Connecticut’s Senate seat. I think that’s obscene. I don’t know about you but, yep, I think that’s pretty flat-out disgusting. Yeah, no, I’m not watching the damn debate tonight, I’ve had my fill of those two as well.

At least tomorrow night TV’s will not be interrupted and I can get back to Gibbs and LL Cool J without worry except for Murphy/McMahon ads. The Sports Gods robbed me of Blondie AGAIN last night! Geez, I hate them! BUT….GO PATS! HAHAHAHA There’s a Red John Marathon on today and I’m dying to watch it. How do I get my desk top into the living room??? I know, I know, ‘use the laptop’ but it’s just not the same. I might do it anyway๐Ÿ™‚

Before I go I want to impart to you a mind-boggling bit of stupidity that GMA brought to me one morning last week. I’ve heard this before and you probably have too but it seems that children are mistaking packets of laundry soap for candy. (Yeah, I know it’s fucked up right off the bat.) Further, people are saying that children are making this mistake because, in the case of Tide, the dispenser looks like a ‘candy jar’. I might have said ‘ok’ to the whole thing if I hadn’t seen a ‘young’ mother look directly into the camera and say; “Whoever would have thought you’d have to keep your children away from something like…laundry soap.”


Too stupid to live. Why did we let it breed?

She was totally serious, completely straight faced, I just hung my head in a feeling of Universal Shame. What have we done to the generation directly behind us? Did we not tell them; “Don’t eat soap!” Did we not lock up our household cleaners so they would not get into them?

Then I looked at the Tide dispenser and thought; Ok, yeah, it sorta looks like a ‘candy jar’ BUT how many kids TODAY even know what a ‘candy jar’ looks like? How many places do YOU go in a week and see a display of penny candy? Me? About zero.

Ok, so to sum up; Flanders Bakery, Cake Lady, Moe’s= Good eats!
Soap, laundry detergent, body wash, anything used to clean something else= NOT FOR EATING

Got it? Cool๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. sounds like a nice little food orgy, glad ya didnt test your blood sugars LOL
    Eat soap blow bubbles our your ass.

  2. Now I want donuts!!!

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