Wishin’ and Hopin’

For so many things!

First, I’ll bet I’m one of the few (if not the only) person you know who get truly excited over the prospect of bad weather.

Did I win?🙂

The News is a-buzzin’ and they’re tellin’ me that a “Frankenstorm” is on its way. Yep, Hurricane Sandy should be meeting up with a cold front…almost right over me. Almost. Not quite. Darn it. My weather may be a bit ‘unsettled’ between Sunday and Tuesday. Hurricane Irene wasn’t much in my area, we didn’t even lose power. I was disappointed. I also did some of my best work during the storm as I was writing “Child of War-A God is Born” and killing Trinity. Fun times. Good stuff. So, with any luck at all our little Halloween Hurricane should do the same as I get over this last hump here.

Like any good New Englander, I went and did the shopping on my way home. The store wasn’t overflowing but it was busy and water was in short supply. I picked up two gallons. I had to go grocery shopping anyway, it is Friday so I think most of us did our ‘shopping as usual’ while allowing ourselves a few extra storm goodies. I also bought two small pumpkins and bags of Halloween Candy. I’m optimistic that Trick or Treaters will come to my door as usual on Wednesday night.🙂 Also optimistic about maybe staying home Monday or Tuesday.

Second–I’ve finished my announcements about “Rising Son” being available for sale. I put together a really SCH-WEET mailer today. Oh, it was so cool. ( Yeah, I know ‘toot toot’ hahaha but, ya know…it is cool!) It’s very Halloween-y, I kept with a black and orange theme which went really well with the cover. It just sort of popped. I patted myself on the back and then I sent it out to the 988 people in my Google Contacts. That’s it. We’re done with that. I announced it on my list and in FB groups, my pages too, duh. I know I should have culled the contact list but there’s so damn many of them I couldn’t bring myself to sit there going through that whole list trying to remember who’s who and whether or not they want to know about this. I come in contact with some many bloggers/reviewers/winners/writers I just can’t keep track anymore unless it’s someone who I’m in heavy contact with. So if you’re out there and you got one and you didn’t want it…I’m sorry. Just ‘unsubscribe’ from the mailer. Link’s at the bottom of the announcement.

So the word’s out. Whisper a little prayer for luck and we’re on our way.

Third–What’s wrong with people? I know, I ask that question a lot but it’s because I’m still looking for the answer! Case in point:

(Spoiler Alert–it’s an Obama Ad)

Yahoo! informed me that this is a ‘disgusting’ commercial. Really? Have they seen the ads for Abercrombie and Fitch? I didn’t hear ’em bitchin’ about them.

Personally, I think it’s cute. I think only the most uptight tightass in the world could have a problem with it. That’s my opinion take it or leave it. But they’re up in arms over it. Strange.

4–You want to know what I think is ‘disgusting’ when it comes to an ad? Linda McMahon. That rich bitch will whore herself to any length to buy this Senate Seat. It’s 10 days and counting to Election Day, most of the candidates are slowly backing off, more normal commercials are returning to TV and radio but she’s still coming out with NEW ads. She’s not just running the old ones she has NEW ones and whole crapwad of them. She’s EVERYWHERE. WLNC might as well tell everyone that Linda McMahon bought up all of the ad time between now and Nov. 6th. So should a lot of my local TV stations. They run back to back. She’s making me sick. My ‘favorite’ among them is an ad with all kinds of nice and friendly CT citizens saying that they’re voting for Linda McMahon AND President Obama! WTF? Hey, Linney! Barry’s not on your team and I’m thinking the Republicans aren’t that happy with your choice on that one. I could be wrong. The ad also informs me that I can Vote for Aunty Linda on the Independent Line. She’s a Republican running on the Republican ticket with the endorsement of the Republican Party. I don’t know who fucked up the Voting Rules and Regs to allow crap like this but they should be fired. A person should be allowed on one ticket and one ticket only.

I’m still Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Prayin’ for the fast moving bus!

Do you think, if she loses again, she’ll just quietly fade away and go back to the WWE and leave us nice/common/decent folks alone? Is 78 million dollars enough to piss down the toilet or does she have more to throw away?

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  1. Kristina Haecker

    It was an awesome mailer, as I told you this morning!🙂 I don’t like bad weather; I used to though. When I was a kiddo I was fascinated by storms and tornadoes. That all changed when I actually saw one while on vacation in Houston and my parents didn’t believe it was one. I hope that y’all are safe, but that you get a few showers to help with your writing.

    Wishing you the best of luck with CoWRS!😀 May your sales be great!

  2. If yahoo wants to see a disgusting ad, they need to look at Terry Randall’s ad. Well anything to do with Randall is rather disgusting.

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