There’s a Storm a Brewin’

Hurricane Sandy has finally arrived, she sure took her sweet time getting here. Wind started blowin’ a bit yesterday but today it’s really kickin’. In an hour and a half all roads in New London will officially be closed as will all bridges in the State of Connecticut and I-95. In other words; stay home! If you’re one of those bull-headed types who thinks they can take on a hurricane with their bare hands, well then the local and state government will force your ass to reconsider today.πŸ˜‰

Last night, Nikki arrived with her dog and her cat. They’re currently taking up residence in the ‘spare room’. There’s no bed so she brought some bean bag/fold out bed thing with her. Miss Rebecca is not home as of this writing. She went out last night to ‘take pictures’ and never came back. No, I’m not calling the cops. This is nothing new for her. She won’t call/text/facebook me either. She’ll just waltz in the door at some point.

I made a big pot of chili yesterday and let it sit overnight so that’s the main course for the day. Got lots of food, real food and goodie food. Did my grocery shopping and got candles, lamp oil, booze and a little cash. They tell me you should have cash on you in case the power goes out the ATM/swipe machines become useless. Lots of water too. Five gallons in the fridge and a 25 gallon container full in the basement. Everything’s been lifted and swept off the basement floor. But, we’re not supposed to get a lot of rain out of this storm but we’re supposed to get VERY high winds and major coastal flooding. I’m almost as ‘on the coast’ as you can get but I don’t think we’re in any danger since we’re on the top of a hillside.

Pequot Avenue is under mandatory evacuation. I can see why.

There’s one thing I’ve never done. I’ve lived through…well I don’t rightly know how many hurricanes. Let’s see there was; Bell or was it Beth?, Gloria, Bob, Irene. I’m sure I’m missing one or two. Gloria was strong, it took out the big willow tree in my front yard. Toppled it right over roots and all. I cried. I loved that tree. (Gloria was also my mother’s name! LOL). Bob left us without power for a few days and made a mess. Irene, we didn’t get too much.

This morning was the ‘first high tide’, it’s supposed to get really bad with the Blood Moon and High Tide tonight and I sooooo want to go down to the wall tonight! It’ll be useless, the Blood Moon will be hidden behind the clouds so it’ll just be dark but it’ll be wild. “Point Break” wild. Well, ya know, for MY area. I’m not on the Atlantic Coast, I’m on Long Island Sound so that freakin’ island out there gets the brunt of it, breaks most of the stuff up for us. But not with this storm, the weather man says the tide are pushing into Long Island Sound and will flood the Thames, Mystic, Lieutenant, and Connecticut rivers.

I got brave. I’ve never gone down to the water to take pictures of the storm and I’ve always wanted to. I want to take hubby but he stayed home to deal with the Furnace Man who was nice enough to come out and keep his appointment with us. I took Nikki instead. We were going to Ocean Beach but it’s closed. The gates are locked tight and no one can get in. I decided to drive us down to ‘The Wall’. There were two State Cops ahead of us who went THE WRONG WAY down a one way street and then PARKED at the gate where hubby and I once snuck in to Ocean Beach. They blocked a really good view! Bastards! I had to go around. I went down to Pequot Ave but it was closed. I turned around on Mott/Neptune but couldn’t park there and the ‘richy-riches’ are nasty to you if you try to get on their property for a few seconds to get a good shot of the Ledge Light! Again…bastards!

Back up to Ocean Ave and then down a side street and another side street. Passed houses I’d never seen before, never knew existed, one was very nice. Finally found my way back to Pequot Ave…..

(Yes, I am less than a mile from my front door and I was temporarily LOST! hahaha)

Went past the barricade and then went up and turned around so I could park on the correct side of the street. The place had a lot of thrill seekers taking pictures. Some cops but they’re weren’t bothering anybody just yet. I got out of the car to take a few pics and was hit right in the face with ocean spray!

Yep, that’s it. I raised the camera, got hit in the face, and accidentally pressed the shutter. My whole face got wet!

I’ve lived here 46 years and I’ve never seen the waves come close to ‘The Wall’ never mind crash into and then up over it! As I stood there trying to focus the camera and periodically swiping rain off the lens a thought struck me, as thought a lightning bolt hit me.

Hummmmm, ya know, I think maybe they didn’t build this big long stone wall just to mark their property or so the cops would have something to chase us off of. I think this is a….seawall.

OH MY GODS! You think? Really???

Shut up!

Sure, enough when I got home and told hubby of my discovery, he said pretty much the same thing.πŸ™‚

I took a bunch of pics and a little video so you can hear the wind more than anything else. It’s just HOWLING out there.

My video skills aren’t great, I know, I gotta work on it.πŸ™‚

We drove down Pequot Ave a little more but things were starting to get a little rough. Just past the curve the water was crashing past the beach and spilling up onto the road. The Thames is swollen and churning. We just headed back home but I really wanted to head down to Fort Trumbull and get a few more shots.

The Furnace Man said we need a new thermostat and that’s why the stupid buzzer keeps going off even though the burner is happily bubbling away. He showed us how to jimmy it and get through the storm. When it all clears out of here we’ll get a new thermostat.

Right now it looks as though the entire State of Connecticut is closed until some time on Wednesday. Coast Guard texted and said they were closing. My boss sent me an email yesterday telling me no work until Wednesday and the President of the Union sent me an email this morning to check in and make sure everything was ok. Wow! Yeah, try getting anything like that out of the last place I worked! I sent emails back letting them know we were fine and hoping they are too.

Oh before I go, I wanted to show you some more pics. Saturday morning, hubby got up to use the facilities and he crept back in the bedroom to wake me up and have me look out the window. I couldn’t believe what I saw! I went downstairs and got the camera.

You see those big black dots in the trees?

Turkey Vultures. There were 13 of them! Just sitting up in the tree tops staring down at the house. It was freaky. I felt like I walked into “The Birds”!!! I went out and drove up to the store, got cigs, came back, and looked around on my drive. I didn’t see them anywhere else. But when I got home they were still sitting there still staring at the house. I made sure my cat was inside the rest of the day!

Oh well, if you’re in the path of the storm with me I hope you’re safe and warm.

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  1. I lived in Miami for 18 years and survived Hurricane Andrew. Not fun. I hope this storm doesn’t live up to its hype.
    Stay safe.

  2. Suzanne Geer

    Vultures? Oh my.

  3. Fred the Wolf

    damn i miss hurricane energy and my sound and river

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