Hurricane Sandy

What a rush!

We made it through and I hope you did too. Thoughts and hearts go out to all hardest hit by the storm, I didn’t get to see any pictures or even know about New Jersey until this morning. Even though it almost never happens our power went out at (I kid you not) 4:20pm (LOL) Monday and it didn’t come back until some time around 5 this morning (Thursday).

Friday night, I couldn’t help myself, they were hyping the storm soooo much I had to go upstairs and watch “Storm of the Century”! It’s one of my favorite made-for-TV King movies. The radio treated us to tunes like “Riders on the Storm” and “Riding the Storm Out” as we readied ourselves for the big blow.

Like most good New Englanders I’ve weathered a storm or two and I was ‘prepared’.

I had more candles and flashlights then you see in that pic. I had food. Got everything cleaned up. Got ready to wait it out. Nikki came and spent two days with us. We sat around in the dark.

Hubby kept us entertained with his guitar. The storm was really kickin’.

Thankfully my little tree survived but I didn’t think we would and we escaped with no property damage. The rest of the town wasn’t quite as lucky. We had breakfast on Tuesday.

Yep, it was a real ‘Cowboy Breakfast’; chili and coffee! LOL Hubby’s been waiting to use that little stove forever. As we’ve said before, I do not camp.🙂

Well, I do now! But not in a tent!

Hubby and I went rubbernecking on Tuesday, we tried to go down Ocean Ave to Ocean Beach but that wasn’t a good idea.

We wanted to see how the shore made out but Pequot Ave was blocked off. We parked on Lower Boulevard and walked up to Pequot.

I kept looking at the debris saying to myself; I don’t believe this.

Little did I know I was about to see something even more unbelievable. Something that would hurt my heart unexpectedly. The following picture was taken in April this year….

This picture was taken October 29, 2012

These pictures were taken October 30, 2012

Notice anything missing?

Those bathhouses have been there all of my life. I have NEVER had an unobstructed view of Long Island Sound like this one. I’ve done my share of bitchin’, whinin’, moanin’ and complain’ about the Richy-Riches in my town but, I just stood there staring at it for the longest time not able to believe what I saw…or didn’t see. Then I was reminded about my feelings toward Richy Rich when some woman started bitching at the gathering crowd that her lawn had taken damage so get off it. I got off the lawn with everyone else, shaking my head with everyone else, thinking; if that’s your biggest worry right now you got it good, lady.

Pequot Ave did well, the seawall did what it was supposed to in most places so most houses stood just fine some with minor damage. Not bad for a street that looks like this, huh?

As you can see ‘my’ lighthouses are still there and, for me, that’s all that matters. Yep, this means that Linoge did not come to town after all. No what happens in the world or in my life, no matter how bad it gets, I know everything will be all right so long as I can go down to ‘the wall’ and see my lighthouses. If they’re still there then all be well with the world; no worries.

We took a short drive around the ‘south end’ of town because getting anywhere else was proving difficult with all of the downed trees. We went to the other end of Pequot Ave.

Part of ‘the wall’ here gave way under the stress of the waves.

We wandered down to Mitchell Beach.

That’s the erosion line!

Then we made our way home.

Yes, there’s a house under there!

With not much to do we sat around and sat around and sat around. We watched movies on the laptops but the batteries sucked and we had to juice them and our cellphones with the truck batteries. We grilled steaks for dinner. We listened to the radio and tried to get some news. I tried to get the internet on my phone but AT&T sucks and so does their 3G. I had a hell of a time with it. I discovered something; as much as I say I’d like to live off-the-grid….I’ll pass. I am the person who is least connected to their phone…I am. I never care where that thing is, I hardly ever even know where it is. But with no internet I tried to get online with it. I found myself doing that annoying thing of walking around the house holding up the phone! As I was doing it I was moaning and groaning! Hubby and I came with a new short story! We think that the Zombie Apocalypse will actually be people en mass wandering down the streets holding up cell phones moaning and groaning; BARS! BARS!


At least we kept our sense of humor.

There was no work Tuesday, no work Wednesday. No work today. No power. I sat around all day yesterday on the corner of the couch just staring at the clock waiting for it spring to life. My ears straining to hear the magic beep that would signal electricity was zipping back but…nope. I was felt hopeless and helpless and totally disconnected. I couldn’t even use the time to write because 1- the ‘a’ key on the laptop sucks balls and 2-I was afraid of running out the battery and then needing it. So I went out and I got the last two bags of ice from Stop & Shop and some charcoal to cook with. I went past Dunkin’ Donuts and holy shit! The cars were backed out on to Boston Post Road with people trying to get something was small as a cup of coffee! They were SWARMING all over the place!

I got home and I threw out a whole bunch of food! It was heartbreaking. I packed what I could salvage in ice in coolers. Neighbors stopped by, Connie down the street tried to give me her house key when she discovered I was in need of a hot shower! Wasn’t that sweet? My friend from Way-the-Hell-Back also stopped by to make sure everything was all right. We called and texted people to see if they were ok and to commiserate. There’s nothing we can do for each other but if ya need something we’ll do our damndest to get it to ya! LOL

Finally I went to Nikki’s and charged my phone and my laptop. It was nice to see TV again. It was nice to feel ‘connected’ again. Then I came home and didn’t want to cook dinner. I was disgusted by the food I’d had to throw out. We decided to go to JR’s Shack in Waterford. So did everybody else! JR’s is ‘thee’ place in town. Everyone gathers there. The place was jammed. But the wait wasn’t too bad. I think we all just wanted to be among others and to share a hot meal.

We took another swing by ‘the wall’.

Yep, still gone!

Pretty sunset though, huh? The Calm After the Storm.

Halloween was canceled! Can you believe that? I understand why but it was still just another jagged little pill to swallow. I love Halloween.

The three of us came home to a totally dark house. It was Halloween! We decided to take slices of pie from JR’s Shack upstairs, Becca, Hubby and me and climbed into our bed and we watched ‘Zombieland’ on the laptop. I can’t remember the last time one of the girls cuddled up in bed with us to watch TV. It was kinda nice.

After the movie hubby and I used the quiet night for a little celebration then we fell asleep. Along about 5 this morning…God said ‘abracadbra!’ and the lights were on! The light in the hall woke up us along with running fan in our room. I didn’t ever think I’d miss that thing. It was very hard to sleep without the white noise I’ve become accustomed to over the last 27 years or so.

We made coffee like normal people this morning, that was nice. Then we sat down to watch the news for the first time since Monday and we saw all of the devastation in New Jersey and New York. We got lucky. Very lucky. If she’d shifted course a few more miles north we’d have been totally fucked. Parts of Connecticut are still without power and they might not have it until Monday or Tuesday. We were declared a disaster area. (Shoulda done that years ago! LOL)

There was one just absolutely amazing thing about being without power for 2 1/2 days; I didn’t have to listen to Linda McMahon! 72 hours without her mouth running is sheer bliss I tell ya!

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  1. Happy to hear that everything is well with you after the storm.
    Living in the Caribbean , this is normal to us but the aftermath is always bad.

  2. Fred the Wolf

    wow, i love your pictures sis.
    I remember gloria came and i was in my 1st apt off bank st, mom begged me to come home, i smoked and she wouldnt let me smoke in the house so me and carol beth thomas were in the wind and rain smoking and drinking tea and chatting, good times. I wish i was home and able to walk i would be walking the beaches and sands with metal detector hoping to find me some goodies.

  3. Fred the Wolf

    oh yeah cant remember name of the hurricane but i lived at hotel hell aka the maybrey above the old speakeasy bar and me an few others that lived there were body surfing the waves and the NL Police were up on street telling us to come in out of the water and we yelled back come get us. they drove off shaking heads like we were idiots.

  4. Fred the Wolf

    i think so LOL

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