God Watches Over…

According to Master King; “God watches over fools, drunkards, and the cataclysmically stoned.” He forgot got add ‘morons’. We all know God LOVES morons, if He didn’t He wouldn’t make so damn many of ’em!

Before I even got into work today, I watched GMA and was informed that Mayor Moron Bloomberg says the New York City Marathon will go on as planned! Ok, whatever. Then they tell me Moron Bloomberg has GENERATORS JUST STANDING BY FOR THE PRESS to cover the marathon.

Yo! Dumbass Mayor who took away Super Sized drinks! Don’t you think those generators would be put to BETTER USE by, ah, USING them to HELP those with NO POWER?

Just a thought. That’s all.

Today was my first day back to work after Hurricane Sandy, yeah there was power at the Hall today! Woot-woot! Yeah, that’s gotta be the shortest work-week in history, I know! LOL So I played Catch-Up, I got their website updated from home yesterday with information on Sandy and today I sent out a mass mailing to the same effect. I posted payments. I took phones calls.


“Are ya there, God? It’s me, Lisa”….why are so many of Your Children so dumb? If You could answer that one question for me I’ll be happy the rest of my life.

The phone rang off the hook! Completely understandable since today is the first day the phones have actually worked! What’s not understandable is just how many of them were pissy that they couldn’t get a hold of us all week!

Excuse me? Did you not notice the HURRICANE? Were you, I dunno, out of the country or something?

I can’t tell you how many times I said; “I’m sorry about that but today’s the first day we’ve had power since the HURRICANE.”

They were still pissy! Why couldn’t they leave a message? The phone just rang and rang and rang, no answering machine!

Ok, one more time; NO POWER. No power, no voicemail, not ours anyway cuz we use some weird ‘service’ instead of AT&T voicemail which was probably working.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard; “I stopped by there pay my dues but no one was there! What’s going on?!”


What were we supposed to do? Sit there in the dark, in the cold, with no phones, and no lights? It seems that would have made people ‘happy’. Of course, all I would have been able to do with their payment would have been to stick it in the safe until power returned. No stamp. No punch. No, I have no idea what you owe! My computer’s funny, it doesn’t like to turn on when there’s NO POWER.

Weird, huh?

Go figure.

Then, more rallies today! Oh joy! So….my bosses weren’t there the first part of the day! Yeah, that didn’t make the people on the phones happy either. They’re yelling at me about not being able to get in touch with anyone FOR DAYS and they NEED WORK–which there’ll be plenty of soon given the condition of a lot of the buildings and houses around here. Go OUT THERE and see if someone needs…HELP REBUILDING. We won’t actually ‘get’ those ‘jobs’ because they’re not, ya know, major construction type stuff. But, if you’re on the ball, and you’re a carpenter there’s oodles of work to do for private people. Instead of expecting the job to come to you go out there and get you one. (Geez, I feel like I’m talking to my KIDS!)

So I dealt with all of that and then, near the end of the day, some lady came in for the Painter’s Union. We share a building with them. We are NOT them. We are NOT affiliated with them. We just share space, get it? She comes up to my windows and starts talking about “the Painters” and I say;

“I’m sorry, I know he was in but I don’t know if they’re still here. Why don’t you go back down the hall and see?”

“Oh, I can’t find them,” she says to me, “but I have a question and you can probably help me.”

(Oh Christ!)

“I’ll try,” I tell her.

“Now, when it comes to my pension and my health insurance….”

(Stop right there)

“I don’t know anything about your benefits, you’ll have to talk to them.”

“You’re a UNION aren’t ya?”

“Yes, we’re the CARPENTERS Union. We’re separate and apart from the PAINTERS Union.”

“Can’t you look me up anyway?” (She’s all huffy!)

WTF? NO, you dingbat! I can’t look you up anyway? Why would YOU a PAINTER be in the CARPENTERS database?

“No, I’m sorry, we’re not affiliated with them, they’re a separate entity.”

She walked away all pissy!

Here’s a scenario for ya; Say you’re an AT&T customer but when you get to the AT&T Store it’s closed. There’s a Sprint store right next door that’s open. Would you go into Sprint and ask for AT&T’s rates/pricing plans or to pay your AT&T bill? No? Well, aren’t YOU smart! The same principle applies here.🙂

Then I come home and I’m checking the Yahoo! News. I know, I know, I should stop looking at that thing altogether but it’s just so damn convenient. I’m looking pictures and reading about the hurricane damage when I’m presented with an article letting me know that the military is flying in generators to help those in need. That’s nice, huh? Very nice. There are people BITCHING about this fact. Totally off the wall, outta their little diseased minds, bitching!

Why should the military help?

I pay them to do that. They’re not here just to go ‘over there’ and fight. They’re also supposed to help out in times of natural disasters and others crisis.

Why should the tax payer pay for an ‘act of God’?

Cuz God ain’t footin’ the bill? Just a thought.

I was out of power for Xdays after storm X….stupid Yankees! Deal with it!

I was out of power for Xdays and it was never even on the news! Why is this?

I was out of power for Xdays in 90 degree heat! The Northerners can’t handle a few days?

Yeah, ok, 1-if anyone really was ‘out of power for x days after x storm’ they should be able to empathize with the victims of Hurricane Sandy and not be an asshole. 2-We’re talking, just about NYC here, a city of 8 million people which is a larger population than a lot of STATES. 3-I’d rather be out of power in 90-100 degree heat then in 40 degree COLD. So 4-grow the fuck up!

I think what they’re really totally and completely unjustifiably pissed off about are the boats. The images of the boats washed ashore and smashed on rocks and the remains of docks. They see the boats and automatically think that ‘only rich people’ were affected or something. A lot of those boats are fishing boats and lobster boats. In other words, a lot of those boats are people’s livelihoods now sitting smashed on the rocks. Try thinking about it that way the next time those images flash by.

After that I was treated to images of NYC citizens…eating out of dumpsters because they’re hungry and restaurants are still inconsiderate enough to just toss out perfectly good food rather than donating it. I hate that practice to begin with, it’s the dumbest most wasteful thing in the world. Right up there with places like Home Depot that would rather just trash returned items with little to nothing wrong with them and out-of-season items rather than donating them to people who could actually USE them.

I’m not even going to tell you some of the comments on that article. They were so disgusting and over the top, if you didn’t know better, you might have thought the article was about a bunch of rabid wild wolves running loose on the streets of NYC instead of hungry human beings.

Is this how much compassion we actually have for our ‘fellow man’? Are we so damn jaded that we really can’t see the forest for the trees?

Oh yes and of course…it’s all Obama’s fault! EVERYTHING that’s ever happened in human history is the fault of Barack Obama…well, if you read those comments that’s the deal anyway.

I don’t care who’s President of the United States, no matter who it is, they can’t stop a hurricane! They can’t just walk out on to the White House Lawn and shout; “Be Gone Storm! I command you! Be Gone!”

Friggin’ idiots.

They complain about the ‘response time’ (somehow that’s Obama’s fault too) and all I can hear in my head is Justin “Mac” Long in Live Free or Die Hard telling Bruce Willis; It took FEMA 5 days to get water to the Superdome.”

Looks like they haven’t done much about that problem. I don’t know why FEMA even exists since they have to sit around and think about stuff before they actually act. They’re supposed to be prepared for this stuff. They’re not supposed to be the Natural Disaster Think Tank, they’re supposed to be the Action Committee.

THIS is the THEE story that takes the cake and it happened right here in Good Ol’ New London. During the hurricane two boats washed off the docks and were smashing into the side of a house. Not pleasant to be sure. If I were the homeowner I might have been a little peeved too. BUT…this guy….SHOT the boats! I kid you not. He went out with a SHOTGUN in the HURRICANE and SHOT the BOATS!

Yeah, he’s in jail. And the boats are still sitting against his house.

Imagine that. The boats didn’t move because they were being shot at. Those ungrateful stupid boats!

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  1. Fred the Wolf

    /snort shooting boats

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