We’re So Close

36 hours to go and it’ll be over except for the recounting!

I have a feeling that this year either NY, NJ, or good ol’ CT will be the new ‘Florida’…what do you think?

When it happens, I bet the people in Florida will be happy!🙂

They’re all dukin’ it out right up to the 12th chime. I hear Ohio has it worst…I’m sorry, Ohio. I feel your pain. We’re dukin’ it out too. Yep, visibility/rallies tomorrow! Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy will not shut up for anything. It’s gotten so bad that, at work, I keep the radio off. I miss my favorite DJs and my favorite tunes but, well, I wasn’t really hearing them anyway so now it’s just quite in the office. I keep the TV off until I actually want to watch something rather than having it blab in the background as white noise.

Yep, yep, yep, I could choke both of them right about now and be a very happy gal.😉

Linda McMahon most of all, every time one of her ads comes on (which is like every 5 minutes) I can feel my blood pressure rise and I just want to scratch her eyes out. She’s such a liar. I don’t understand how anyone can fall for her line of crap.

After tomorrow they should all shut up. If they don’t, if some bone head runs any political ad on Wednesday I think we should all have the right to walk up to them and slap ’em. Just…smack. Nothing else. Walk away.

In preparation for the event, I went and got a new ID. Woot. Woot. I can’t stand the fact that I have to show ID at the polls and that fact kept me from voting for many years. One of the main principles of this country used to be that you were free not to have ID because the burden of proof was on the government and not you. My, how times have changed. Chalk one up for the Terrorists. No, I didn’t get the Federally Approved Verified ID. Screw that. I showed them; two pieces of mail, my birth certificate, and my Social Security card when I originally got the ID. It hasn’t changed. I shouldn’t have to present it AGAIN so I can get molested by the TSA the next time I (never) want to fly somewhere.

End Rant. LOL

I didn’t want anyone getting in my way tomorrow when I go cast my votes so I plunked down my $24.50 and got an ID. This whole mess is way too close to call to NOT vote. It must be because I got a new ID🙂

I’m hoping to wait in a very long line tomorrow morning. This will show me people give a shit. That others also think this is important enough to get up off their asses and travel the mile (or less) to their polling place. If the line is short or, worse yet, there’s no line like with the primary’s and the referendum, I think I’ll be a little pissed. After all, I’ve HEARD oodles of TALK from just about everyone under the sun tomorrow is the day to nut-up and put your money where your mouth is. Let’s see how many people actually do it.

Then after that; who wants to take bets on the length of the recount? Anybody? I’m game.

I’m betting there’s a recount for The Top Spot and for the CT Senate Seat. If it takes more than five days can’t we all have a little fun? Can’t we stick ’em in a Hell in a Cell Match? Just for fifteen minutes…please? I think We The People deserve that much entertainment out of this whole shitty mess. We’ll put it on Pay-Per-View and all the proceeds can go toward paying down the National Debt.

Hummmmm…..ya know…maybe we should do this more than once. I bet we get great ratings and cold hard cash.🙂

OK, we’ve almost made it. We can see the light at the end of tunnel and we’ll hold each other up as we stumble out into it. What awaits on the other side we don’t know but at least, with any luck at all, it will be a Campaign Ad-Free Zone.

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  1. Fred the Wolf

    I voted already, Lisa and Heather going after school tomorrow!! and I think we should have hell in the cell matches for all offices and no stand in, the actual candidates. and while we are at legalize weed and sell and tax it. bamm no more deficient and hostess will not be bankrupt anymore and Zombie apocalypse averted.

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