Election Season Draws to a Close

In my very humble opinion, the above is the Theme of Election Day 2012. Yep, all day today everybody’s smiling. Everybody’s happy. Everybody’s cheering. In fact, they’re damn near beaming! It’s all for the same reason that we all feel like


No matter who I spoke with today whether they were male or female, black or white, Democrat/Republican/Other, young(er) or old(er) they all remarked on how happy they were that “it’s over!” Mostly, like me, they were over the moon at the idea of never having to see Linda McMahon’s face or hear her voice ever again, so help them god.๐Ÿ™‚

If you didn’t know better you might have that it was very early Spring and these people have been fortunate enough to share the first ‘warm’ (over 45 degrees) day since December.

Ahhhh, Solidarity. I like it. It’s really cool. We should do it more often.

I’m not one for ‘early voting’, we don’t have it here. I like it that way. Somewhere around 5 days out of 365 days we try together as a country and actually physically come together as a unit. I think that’s good for us. I don’t think anyone should have a huge hairy problem trying to squeeze it into their schedules. If they do they can mail-in a ballot. I think if you’re an American Citizen the very first thing you should on January 1st is to block off Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, Election Day, and Thanksgiving as being ‘taken’. Then schedule your stuff accordingly.

But that’s just me. We all know I am often wrong or in the minority.๐Ÿ™‚

I went to vote this morning. Hubby left before me and then called to let me know it was a little busy but not too bad. I got there around 7:30 and there were many cars. I parked on the far side of Harbor School and wandered up to the ‘all purpose room’ door. It was so nice and quiet….shhhhh….you could hear the birds tweeting. I LOVE this new “Campaign Free Zone” thing CT has going. It’s wonderful! I got inside the school to find…a line. A REAL line. Not some scraggly thing 3 people deep but there were 27 people ahead of me! Oh Happy Day! We DO give a shit! No matter which side we’re on…we CARE! That alone is totally dumbfounding and awe-inspiring in my aging eyes.

Nobody said who they were voting for. We all just stood there smiling like bubbled headed idiots because….it’s over! No matter wins and who loses, if nothing else, we won’t be STUCK HERE in this exact spot any longer. That alone will be something, and something is better than nothing.

I showed them my new shiny ID and….motherfucker! They’ve been misleading us this whole time! No Pictures Allowed, said the woman guarding the door, but if you saw the sign that tells you ID is required you’d SWEAR they want PhotoID. No, they don’t. It’s ALL over the paper and the Patch today because of Hurricane Sandy. You just need your Social Security Card or Birth Certificate or even a piece of mail.


I got the stupid thing for nothing.๐Ÿ˜ฆ

One strange thing thought; the line for the Second District (my district) was down the hall and around the corner by the time I left but the line for the Third District had like nobody. Maybe 2 people were waiting there. Weird.

I got into work and there’s a ton of political signs there…oh gods I can’t wait to get rid of it! I’m going to rip it down so fast tomorrow, oh you don’t even know. YANK…TRASH….ahhhh. Of course they were out stumping in the cold to the very last. I sat there wondering if, by chance it might be possible to have a great big bonfire tomorrow evening? I think that’s a bonzer idea. I’ll bring hot dogs and marshmallows. Hubby will bring his guitar and we can stand around singing “Day by Day” or “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or something like that. hahaha

This horse race will be exciting to boot. It will be worth watching the returns tonight. What time do the polls in CT close? Hold on while I Google it….

8pm–oh looks like it’s the same for everyone so sayeth Alaska and CA closing times. The re-counting should start somewhere around…what…1am my time? Yeah, GMA should be very interesting tomorrow morning.๐Ÿ˜‰

I guess Jon’s coming on around 9 or so. I’ll let him and Stephen give me the blow-by-blow. In this day and age, almost sad to say, I just don’t trust anyone else. Maybe Diane Sawyer. Geez, I miss Peter Jennings. I really do. I’ve got grinders (for you Non-New Englanders, that’s a, um, hoagie or a sub sandwich…kind of but better) and a six pack of Coors Light (oh, make that a 5-pak) and a pint of SoCo to keep us warm through the VERY cold night ahead. (Those poor people in NY and NJ…man that ain’t no fuckin’ fun! No place to run a goddamn marathon, that’s for sure.)

PUBLIC OPINION POLL: If Linda McMahon loses, do I get to go post something nasty on her FB page? Please let me know your thoughts on the matter by commenting below.

The re-counting for that race should begin around 9pm…I’ll be awake for that announcement. Should be fun.

More to Come Tomorrow….Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel.

Whoever you’re with and whatever little goodie you may have for the festivities ahead tonight I hope you’re safe and warm.

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  1. It’s ERECTION DAY lol ha ha

  2. Kermit was the exact “Yay!” I’ve had in my head since I got up. I won’t get to hear about any results until tomorrow though. Have to get up at 2am for work at 4am but since we usually have the radio on in the morning, I’ll hear it then. At least the majority of people I work with are as about as sane as I am with this election. Too bad there isn’t an election version of “School’s Out.” Politics this year surely needs that sort of sounding song to fit it. lol, description isn’t my thing today.

  3. Fred the Wolf

    in the voice from “Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus”

    Yes, Lisabeth you can leave nasty grams on Linda’s FB page, after all she is pubic person and opened her self up to the public by doing fb page and running for office. so bombs away Sis and enjoy, but what happens if she wins?

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