Averting Disaster

I love Office2010. It let me put this nifty little menu on the left it shows me the number of each chapter and the name of each chapter. From this wonderful place I can easily jump from chapter to chapter or just drag/drop whole chapters into different sections of the file. It’s awesome. I used to have to do that with paper, from a typewriter, with a ribbon.

I sent Chapters 34 and 35 off to my proofreader. I worked on the file yesterday and thought there was more to it then what the page number/word count bar was showing. Originally I pegged it at around 660 formatted hard cover/paperback pages. But, lately, I became certain this thing would top out at around 410-420 ‘regular’ pages about…gasp!…800 formatted hard cover/paperback pages. Yeah…bad news for those few of you who purchased the signed hard cover, I may be RETURNING your payments. If this thing does what I think it will it will so NOT be ‘worth the cost’ of doing this in print. I’ll emailing you and let you know how this part turns out.

So when I saw I was only on page 353 this afternoon, at first I thought; Phew! Cool! Room to move! This is great.

I started writing. I’m sprucing up that bit of Chapter 36 I posted yesterday, getting it nice and evil, I went back to see something in an earlier chapter. I looked over to my handy-dandy bar all smiles and then…:(

ARGGUMM? Ahhh…hummmm….Chapter Thirty-One, Thirty-Two, Thirty-Three, Thirty-Five…what?

Check both chapters and they are what they should be. A chapter is missing.

Oh shit!

I’ve backed this up already, on ALL my backups. I’ve been ‘working without a net’ for weeks. This is the only file. Everyday it gets saved with changes over the old file.

Oh…heartbreak….oh….agony. Oh…fuck!

I already deleted it from my email. My proofreader sent it back to me already and I just dropped it cut/paste like always. Then got rid of the email. I regularly dump my trash, my sent folder, and my spam folder. Just in case anybody goes snooping. Call me paranoid but whatever.🙂

Luckily, I hadn’t deleted the single chapter that I sent to my proofreader from my computer. Open/scan/copy/paste.


Yep, 373 ‘regular’ pages. 203,248 words and climbing. We’re back on track. It would have been horrible, if I just hadn’t gone back to look for one minor detail to make sure it matches up here I might never have noticed it missing!! Love my little left-side menu.🙂

Alright, it’s time for Apollo to have his wicked way with our girl. I told ya…right outta DOTG…if you read it, you’ll know. But, this one will be better cuz I’m not worrying about who thinks what. We’re just gonna get down n dirty about the whole thing.

Then, with any luck at all, four more chapters will take us to the end of this freakin’ epic! As far as the whole storyline goes we are nowhere near where I thought/hoped/wanted to be at ‘the end’ of this one. It’s kinda blowin’ my mind. Not exactly what I thought I was getting into when I signed up for “Heart”.🙂

Nope. Not at all.

Just keep windin’ our way down our merry little path. Just never know what’s truly around that next corner or over the bend. Whole worlds await us still.

‘Here At The End of All Things’ (LOTR) we’ve managed to jam in major bows to; The Stand, Cujo, and The Gunslinger…oh bother. I worked over an HOUR on that stupid little scene with Ares eating his candy bar under the Boulder Theater marquee! All I could see was ‘Roland’, all could hear was;

Make me more like Roland

Just so ya know, I don’t really like Roland

We’re talking about ME here

Oh, fuckin’ excuse me. It’s not bad enough you had to set this part in BOULDER COLORADO?!


(sighs deeply) Fuck me

Now we’re past all of that and back to the island for now. All nods to the Master should be behind us…should be.

It’s time to find out just how nasty the Golden God can get. Wish me luck!

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