The Alpha and the Omega

The beginning and the ending are often one in the same, strange how that works, huh? I guess some things stand the Test of Time.

Yesterday, I discovered I ran right past the Finish Line and just kept on going. Silly me.

I got “Rising Son” out, I placed orders for hard covers and paperbacks. I was surprised when I checked my PayPal account to see a $200.00 balance. I thought; That can’t be right, I only received 3 orders.

Yeah, no, I didn’t! LOL Seems PayPal didn’t notify me of all of my orders so that was a very nice surprise. I gave everyone a partial refund of their money. Since the book is so much ‘shorter’ now the price came down and it didn’t seem right for me to keep the difference so I sent it back. That should be a nice little surprise for the people who were so kind as to purchase copies at those outrageous prices.🙂

The hard cover came down to $32.00 and the paperback came down to $19.00…that’s for signed copies. I can live with those prices I think they’re fair. When I get home today I’ll grind it through Amazon and find out how much unsigned copies will be. They won’t be available for 1-2 weeks through them and longer before it gets ‘world wide distribution’ but should be in time for the Winter Holidays so people might get one or two copies if they’re on their Wish Lists.

Since I know that I probably won’t get these in time to send them out for Christmas Delivery, those who I know well, I offered a free e-book copy to while they wait for their hard copy book. I also got in touch with some reviewers and sent out a few ebook copies to them. Still waiting to hear back from a few more.

So it’s all wrapped up except for a Trailer, not sure I’m going to do one but inspiration may strike over the weekend now that all of the ‘heavy lifting’ is done. I have REMOVED ALL of the ‘sneak peeks’ except the ones connected with the Sweet Saturday Samples weekly hop. So if you’re looking for ’em they’re gone. They’re really only for those who keep up with me and have a hearty interest in my stories. Now that it’s up and for sale I can’t have 20 sneak peeks hanging around the blog giving everything away. Well, not everything but a good deal anyway.

I was so buzzed yesterday, I do believe I was beaming! Hubby was kind enough to fix the tub faucet for me–it’s only been allowing for showers and not baths lately–and I had a long hot victorious soak! LOL I put in a bunch of sea salts and then went downstairs and grabbed one of my two jars of Blue Moon Water for their first use. I didn’t look, I just grabbed one, and only looked at what kind it was as I was dumping it into the tub; Rosemary. It signifies love, luck, remembrance and powerful women.🙂 Better than the lavender for this purpose I guess although I can always use a little relaxation.

The Big Guy and I had a long chat. He’s happy. I’m happy. We’re moving forward. Now that we’re 8 chapters in to Kingdoms of War we can relax, breathe, and have a little fun with these chapters. I’d been rushing them, trying to cram everything in there and now I can expand and expound and not worry about word count or page count at this point. Ahhhhhh….very nice. I can also let it sit to the side in a bit. Thanksgiving’s coming up and I’m having a houseful. I’m also going to meet my brother for the very first time!!!! I’m very excited about that! He’s going to come to the house on Friday and hang out with me for a while with his family.🙂

I know, I know, everyone wants to know when I’m going to start giving it away. Mark your calendars for NOVEMBER 28TH. I’ll be giving one the first e-book copy on the Romance Reviews as part of their Year End Splash. I’ll post the link when it’s live. Also, that day there’ll be a live author’s chat starting at 2:30pm eastern time. The only other chance to win an e-book (or other copy) of “Rising Son” this year is the Christmas Hop to your right. If you’re interested in winning a signed hard cover of “Heart” go to the Romance Reviews on December 5th.

E-books are still slated to release on Thanksgiving. Not yet sure if they’ll be widely available, available only on my site, or if I’ll make it a Kindle Exclusive for 3 months. We’ll see. Probably best to do the Kindle thing now since it’s never been available anywhere else and I won’t have to go tracking it down to get it off other sites. That way they won’t be able to screw me on the price for three months. But I’d like to keep them on my site until after January 1 because I could use the ‘Christmas Cash’.

I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

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